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I Always Play The Risk Taker, But Why?


Howdy Guys!

I’m Chad, the Risk Taker.
Woah! Really?
Yes, but before I tell you why I call myself the Risk taker.
Let me tell you a story…

“Once upon a time there was a boy.”

His name is “Chad Payat”

And He lives in Bulacan.


At such a young age, He loves to risk his money for returns.

Have you ever heard the word Perya?


Perya is just like a small carnival whenever there’s a town fiesta being held nearby in the province.

(Fiesta is a feast day of the Patron Saint of the Town)

And He loves to go there.

Every year.

Even He’s quite old now. He still visit it regularly.

And You know what?

Chad is not as sociable as everybody else.

But whenever there such an event like that, you will see him, present every night holding some of his savings, trying to beat his luck.

His favorite game is “Color Game” (for some they call it BETU)

What is this game?

Color Game

The game has 3 big dice made of wood with six colors at every side of it.

To win the game you need to pair 3 of the colors simultaneously on one roll.

(Someone has to pull the string, and then the deal is on)

If you’re lucky enough, you get the price.

(I know some of you have experience BETU before…)

Did you? (I hope so)

Let’s proceed…

Many of you would ask.

Does Chad Successful?

To be honest.

8 times out of ten, He won the game.

So what’s the trick?

He called it “Patience Strategy”.(I just made the term)

Many people say that “Patience is a Virtue”.

And sure, that is.

In order for you to win the game, you don’t just play the game of luck.

You have to calculate the risk, create a strategy and roll the dice.

The trick to win it, is easy.

You don’t have to choose your lucky color,

Just pick one and that will do the rest.

What I’m going to do?

To win the game you must understand the concept of simple multiplication.

And remember, you have to choose a base.

A Base?

This is an amount, that you will mostly bet on to win the game.

Let’s dive deeper…

Imagine yourself that you are in the Perya, and you choose to play BETU.

The board is set.

And the Game is on.

So Place your bets!

For example, you choose 5 pesos as your base bet.

The string is pulled, and then the dice roll.

If you won the deal, you bet again 5 pesos.

As the strategy implies, just put your base.

If you lose, just double the amount for the next set.(that would be 10 pesos)

And here goes the second set…

You Lose again.

Don’t panic, because you have the trick.

You just double the amount again.(that would be 20 pesos)

And then there she goes…

You won. (You happy now?)

I can smell some pride building on

Yes, because your 5 pesos ahead. (hehehe)

The third set is at hand.

What to do? Just place your base… (5 peso)

You won this time.

How much you got?

10 pesos as your profit.

(When you win, you just bet the base on the next round, when you lose you double the amount)

Do you understand it now?

Of course I’m faithful that you do.

But what the story is trying to say is that, in life, you have to make some risk to gain.

Without it, you will lose the excitement, and the profit.

Many people want’s to earn money, but afraid to lose money.(how ironic)

“But Chad, the story tells more about not having a risk because of a consistent flow of what you called Patience Strategy, it barely does make any risk at all”

No, it does have a risk.

At first “Chad Payat” does have any clue about the strategy in the beginning.

That is why 8 times out of 10, meaning, he suffered a loss.

And that loss makes him think that he has to do something about the situation.

He opens his mind and see some patterns, that pulled out the “Patience Strategy”.

People are Afraid To Lose

Because they don’t study.(most of them are not open to learning)

If you want to gain, you have to invest,

The world can’t promise that you will not lose,

Just start small, and have your base.

Along the way, you will know what is your comfort zone when it comes to investing.

Study, create the strategy and then Execute.

Build your base.

Take the Risk.

(Risk ON!)

“Everything involves risk hindi ka pwedeng cgurista.

Kung takot kang matalo, talagang talo ka.” – Enrique Razon Jr. (CEO of ICT)

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