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IKEA is Coming to the Philippines! Yay!


IKEA is coming to the Philippines! Yay!

Finally, after a long negotiation last year, IKEA is officially coming to the Philippines. Swedish Ambassador Harald Fries has confirmed that IKEA has indeed decided to “come in” and will open its first store in the country soon. This is great news for so many households who want to renovate or refurbish their homes! The signature flatpack furniture is a hit with thousands around the world and it’s sure to be in a hit in the Philippines too. With forever changing trends, home and office renovations are always incredibly popular so with new stores opening, it’ll be much easier for renovators to find suitable and affordable furniture.

In addition to furniture, IKEA also sells kitchen appliances. If you are looking for some new kitchen appliances, from dishwashers to coffee machines, IKEA might be the perfect place to go. Just make sure that you find a home warranty company who offers a plan to protect your new appliances. In most countries, such as America, you can find these companies online. The products sold by IKEA are always high quality, but you never know when something might go wrong.

IKEA has amazing home accessories too, so any home or office can feel comfortable and stylish if you include their products. Consumers can shop for any room or occasion, which is why it’s such hit. For example, a family could be welcoming a new baby into their family and need to create a suitable nursery. They could pair a whole range of flat-packed furniture with adorable nursery wall decals and soft furnishing to create an affordable design for their new arrival.

During a media roundtable held on the occasion of the 70th year of Sweden-Philippine Diplomatic Relations, Fries said once the Netherlands-based multinational group decides to start operating in a particular country this implies major investments and manpower recruitment will soon follow.

If (IKEA) goes in the Philippines, as it has gone in other countries, there would be great opportunities for Filipinos to find work and there would be an investment in putting up stores. I won’t be surprised that once they have set their camp here, they’ll be looking for local manufacturing. I think that would be wonderful and interesting for the Philippines. – the top Swedish diplomat in Manila said.

Here are some facts about IKEA:

  1. Founded in Sweden in 1943
  2. IKEA is an acronym stands for I-Ingvar K-Kamprad (name of company’s founder), E – Elmtaryd (farm he grew up), A-Agunnaryd (his hometown in Sweden)
  3. It is well known in North America and has 12 IKEA stores in Canada.
  4. Filipinos in North America love the Swedish Meatballs serve at IKEA’s food court.
  5. Most Newcomers and Immigrants first tour stop in Canada’s Prairie Provinces is at IKEA.

IKEA is known for its modern architectural designs for various types of appliances and furniture, and its interior design work is often associated with eco-friendly simplicity. Kamprad, meanwhile, is now one of the 10 richest people in the world and the owner of a more than $40 -billion fortune.

I just wonder on where in the Philippines they are going to construct IKEA? Fort Bonifacio, Taguig? Macapagal, Pasay? Or Davao City? Anybody knows? Share your thoughts!


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