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IMMIGRANT INSPIRING STORY: Through thick and thin


For Filipinos who have migrated to Canada, the top most common goal that almost everyone wanted to achieve right after they set foot on Canadian soil is to buy a house. For some of us, we didn’t have a house back in the Philippines that’s why buying a house in Canada might symbolize a better and “well-off” life while others, might want to buy a house in Canada to establish their lives in the fastest way possible but the overall end result is buying a home for the first time (in Canada) can be quite stressful and challenging. First time home buyers are surrounded by a large number of questions and more often than not, the first decision that you need to make is whether or not to hire a real estate agent or just do the house hunting on your own and based on my own experience, the first thing i searched was a Mortgage Advisor and a Realtor, and this is their humble story.

His name is Nestor De Quiroz, man from Silang, Cavite. He was a professor and sports coordinator at De La Salle University in Dasmariñas. His wife, Jackie De Quiroz, was an Executive Secretary of a Gokongwei company until the couple together with their then 2 year old son migrated to Winnipeg in 2006. However, like many other immigrants before them, Nestor and Jackie did not begin their Canadian journey with a bang.

As many other new immigrants, Nestor had to thread the eye of a needle to start their way to Canada and as most of us started, it wasn’t a pleasant experience. When Nestor came here, he took menial jobs like most of us. He worked as a janitor, scrubbing and disinfecting toilet bowls just to bring home a minimum amount to his family. He also worked as a guard at a liquor store to add a few extra cash to his already meager income however, at one point on his job, his co-worker that he was about to relieve was stabbed. He was so shocked that he had to quit just to be certain of his safety. But after his stint as a guard, he went on to become a production worker which was too far from home not to have a ride. So then Nestor bought his first ever van worth $400, which served its purpose of transport even though it was severely corroded. He used the van to go to work and transport his family from point A to point B.

Jackie, on the other hand, refused to be a stay home mom. She grabbed a Part-time job at McDonald’s as a service crew and endured the midnight shift just to give his husband a break from racking up hours out of his two jobs in eagerness to pay off the money they borrowed to process their visa, airfare and pocket money,

But after the struggles, God outpoured his blessing to Nestor and Jackie’s family when an opportunity opened for a job at a local casino where Nestor would work as a security officer and Jackie as a table games dealer. For the first time since they came to Canada, they had a decent job with a much better income and much better benefits. Nestor did not take this opportunity for granted, as a respectable security officer, he sharpened his communication skills dealing and interacting with various types of different people. He also became a great friend of hundreds of Filipinos who also worked at the same exact casino because they shared the same stories and struggles of starting a new life in a new land and equipped with the right experience and with the help of his newfound friends. They even played in the casino sometimes to solidify their bond, although they probably used sites like beforehand so that they could be more competitive when playing. The couple combined their income to slowly build their life in Canada and finally bought a house in a middle class neighborhood. They went on to work in the casino for 5 years until Nestor felt something that will transform his life forever. It goes without saying that Nestor was able to pick up a few tricks during those 5 years which are still applicable when playing at an online casino even today. Of course, today Canadian immigrants can try earning some money by trying their hand at gambling through online casinos. And since online casinos offer better welcome bonuses and discounts, it helps the beginners practice the games with less cash. For example, the Exclusive $1 Deposit Bonus at Lucky Nugget can let anyone in Canada have free 105 spins and win coins.

de Quiroz Family @ Lake Louise Canada

Nestor De Quiroz is a man who feared rejections. He believed that he reached the peak of his career when he lectured at Philippine National Police Academy and De La Salle University-Dasmarinas but God knew that he could accomplish so much more because He has a bigger plan for him. Despite the oppositions, Nestor doubled down on his future by reducing his working hours and increasing his study hours to acquire his license as a mortgage consultant. When he finally passed the licensure exam, his first initial clients as a certified mortgage consultant was his circle of friends and co-workers who he knew along his journey and as he expanded his network, Nestor encouraged his wife to follow him in the real estate world after reading some articles around the matter, such as the Roofstock out of state real estate investing guide, and soon enough, Jackie became a real estate agent.

The both of them worked as one team. Nestor developed his strategy and became the best in his own field and same thing went for Jackie and you get the best of both because you have a mortgage consultant and you also have a real estate agent. As Nestor said, he never imagined that he would be able to convince his wife and see her in that field but now, they are partners not just in life but also in business.

1. CENTURION Award status is one of the most prestigious awards presented to
CENTURY 21 real estate professionals.
2. Individual Bronze Medallion Award from Winnipeg Real Estate Board. This
award is given out to the TOP 10% in the industry for individual Realtors.

Jackie de Quiroz receiving her Award

Apple is known for their top after sales service or customer support, any technical problem with your Apple device will and should be met by Apple support at the soonest time however, Apple would be nothing compared to Nestor’s customer support. Given his knowledge and experience, he helps Jackie educate her clients on home repair and maintenance, identifying property defects before an actual Home Inspection takes place. Nestor prides himself as an “AFTER SALES SERVICE SPECIALIST” for Jackie’s old and new clients. “There was even a time where I replaced a toilet bowl as a gift to new home owners”, Nestor said. There are also stories that suggests that he helped out clients dig and waterproof leaky basements even after a year clients already moved in. He also offers his U-HAUL type Closed Van, for free use to help Jackie’s clients move in and for new immigrants who would transfer to new apartments.

Despite the outpouring blessings in their family, they still live simply and practically. They are the kind of people who will go out of their own way just to help you in any kind of problem because they have been there, they know what it feels like to be at your lowest and they, as much as possible, don’t want other people to experience that. They are the most approachable people on the planet, there is nothing that you can’t talk to them about, they will always be there to listen and to help. The husband and wife tandem gives back to the community through Sports and by dedicating their time and financial. They are two of the frontrunners of the hottest Pilipino sport in city, V-LEAGUE-WINNIPEG. They have recently started a HOOPS for HOPE sports event to raise funds for 2 babies that need medical help in the Philippines. “We cannot please everybody but as long as we are true to ourselves to help other people we will just keep on going”. Jackie stated.

And this is my realtor. Just mention my name, Pinoy Canada and I’ll give you an NBA Jersey. Deal?


Mr. Nestor de Quiroz (left) and Nathan Miguel (right) editor-in-chief of

By the way, use the van for FREE, yes, IT’s FREE.


Mr and Mrs. de Quiroz with their van


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