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Immigrant Story: A place colder than Canada




I am Wilma Ferrer. I am a Registered Nurse in the Philippines who graduated from one of the most reputable colleges in the country. We’re not living an extravagant life but even if I admit it or not, my salary is not enough to compensate all my family’s expenses so when the opportunity to go abroad, Canada specifically, came out I did not hesitate to grab it and to make the long story short, it has already been 10 years since I came to Canada.




Probably one of the most grueling part of being abroad is actually being away from your family, from your loved ones. Just as what is written in John 3:16, sacrifice is the perfect example of love. In tagalog, “kayod para sa ekonomiya”. I will endure anything  to fulfill my dream and give a better life for my family.




Just like any other OFW, loneliness and deep sorrow are the ones I felt the most and the greatest. Because I don’t want my husband to worry, i didn’t tell him that I’m not a Nurse nor a Health Care Aid here in Canada. With all the requirements and the necessary tests to be in the medical field in Canada, it was impossible for me to be in my field. In fact, I was assigned into a piggery and I’m just telling my husband I’m working on one of the biggest hospitals but in reality I’m working on pig pens. Telling him that I’m busy because of the big flow of patients but in reality I’m tending on piglets only to cover up my unending list of excuses.




The piggery where I worked on was far from the city and there are times that you’ll be left alone and you won’t even see people walking around and all you can hear are the cries and squeaks of the piglets. Sometimes, I feel compelled to talk to the pigs but I never wanted to be clingy because after 3 months, they’d be sold and butchered then I have to build a new friendship with another batch. #WalangForever




Because I’ve not only memorized but mastered the lifecycle of the piggery, I suggested to my husband to make a piggery business. I was puzzled because he didn’t even ask how I got interested or why I wanted to setup a business like that. So after a few talks, we agreed and I sent money to start the business.




Would you believe that there is a place much colder than Canada? The answer is, the Philippines. Yes, it’s true. This is probably one of the greatest problems of being an OFW but I did my end of the bargain. Why did it have to be like this? I endured everything here in Canada. I endured the stress, the sadness and especially the cold environment. Why is that even when he lived in the Philippines, where it is hot, his treatment became colder and eventually his love became colder? Is it just karma? Is it because I lied to him about my situation here in Canada that I didn’t notice that he’s also lying to me? I was so happy when he told me that our pig gave birth to a single piglet little did I know that his mistress the one who gave birth. He also told me that he sold some of the piglets little did I know that he sold our household appliances to compensate for their expenses.




What does ‘WTF’ mean? If you would care to search it on google, you can find a lot of things. It may mean “Welcome to Facebook” – that’s where their relationship started, it could also mean “What The F*ck” – for what they’ve done to me, and there’s also the most painful WTF that is “Wala Talagang Forever” which would explain my whole love life.




Moving on is just like the shifting of Canada’s seasons. In fact, it’s winter time when I wrote this which is probably not the greatest time to write a sad experience but we all know that there’s hope just like the next season, Spring which symbolizes rebirth, restart or the beginning of a new chapter.

Submitted by: Wilma Ferrer – W.F. – Walang Forever


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