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Immigrant Story: Filipino Architect making BIG waves in Canada


Q. Tell me about yourself?

A. I am Dennis Yabut, born and raised in Pampanga, Philippines and had a Bachelor degree in Architecture in FEU

Q. How long you’ve been here in Canada?
A. I have been here for 4 years together with my wife and 2 children

Q. What was your previous work in the Philippines?
A. After I finished my college, I worked as an Autocad Operator then promoted as Project Architect. After few years of experience, I decided to put up my own construction business

Q. What made you decide to move here in Winnipeg?
A. Actually, I prefer migrating in US because my parents were there already. Unfortunately, you know I looked young but I was already over age that time.

Q. What was your first job in Canada?
A. Previously I worked in Maple Leaf. It is a meat manufacturing. It is a way different from what I was doing in the philippines

Q. Is there any point of time you said, Tama na! Ayoko na!
A. Yes, that was during my time sa Maple Leaf. At my age, It was difficult for me to lift 8-10 pounds of meat consistently and working inside very cold temperature room or giant refrigerator.

Q. How did you get started in the business?

A. I have a Ukrainian friend, he bought a 3 unit apartment and he entrusted me to do renovation then after that, dire-diretso na. Parang artisian -overflowing.  After that, I volunteered in a small construction company, just to see how the business system works here. Because when I got
here, I already knew that I wanted to continue the business that I started from the Philippines.

Q. Where does the Business Name came from?
A. “Densyo Carpentry” came from my old business name “Densyo Dsenyo” from way back in the Philippines and “Densyo Dsenyo” means “Dennis’ Design”. “Dennis” is my actual first name and “Design” is one of my specialty in my job.

Q. Can you provide me a description of your business?
A. Densyo Carpentry provides the following services; fence, slidinggate, deck, basement, roofing, renovations, repairs, installation of
windows and doors, and even junk removals.

Q. Why did you choose this line of business”?

A. I chose this line of business because ever since I was little, I have been exposed to construction by my dad because he did the same
thing as this. “Karpintero po kasi tatay ko, in-upgrade ko lang ang sarili ko kaya nag-aral ako ng arkitekto. Pero pagdating sa Canada,
karpintero ang bagsak ko.. hehehe, idol ko tatay ko.

Q. How long you have been in business?
A. In canada, I have been in business for 2 years.

Q. Do you have other jobs aside from your business?
A. Aside from my business, yes, I do have have other jobs. I am a regular sub-constructor at Eco-Line windows. 2-3 jobs are just norms in Canada.

Q. What are the issues you encountered when you started your business?
A. So far I haven’t encountered any issues because my clients always leave great, positive comments telling me that they’re satisfied and they will refer me to their friends and relatives. Minsan lang pag sobrang daming client pero nagagawan naman ng paraan yan.

Q. Do you know who are your competitors?
A. Actually, no. Pero marami dyan, di lang tumatagal kasi di nga nila linya. Mahirap din maging karpintero ha. Biruin mo nag-aral pa ako para maging karpentero. Joke lang

Q. Where do you see your business in the next year? In the next 5 yrs?
A. More referral, more projects, hopefully.

Q. Do you have employees? How many?
A. Initially, I have only 1 part-time employee. After few month of operations, I added 2 more. Currently,I have 4 full-time regular employees, 3 part-timers, and 2 groups of sub-constructors. I just want to add, I asked my wife to resign in her second job to help me in paper works.

Q. Why do your customer select you over your competitor?
A. Madali kasi akong kausap. Ikaw nga, Tao ang kausap mo. I’ll see to it that they’re satisfied with my work so they recommend me to their family and friends.

Q. Why did you choose basketball?

A. When I was younger, I was also a basketball player.

Q. Anything else you want yo share?
A. Just wanna take this opportunity so say “THANK YOU” sa lahat ng nagtitiwala and of course, Pinoy-Canada sa patuloy na pagsuporta sa Filipino Community dito sa Canada.



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