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Immigrant Story: Tupada sa Canada


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They call each other “Loves” or “Labsky”. Ever since their college days, Janet and Rey have been together. Their relationship was perfect, I guess you can say that they are really meant for each other that’s why they married right after they graduated college. Janet was a graduate of Nursing while Rey was a Computer Engineer but however compatible they might seem, they can never agree on one thing: Cockfighting.

“Labsky, can you possibly cancel your cockfight derby with Ninong? Besides, it’s our first wedding anniversary”, whisperingly muttered by the Janet. “Labsky, you know full well that this derby is THE Mayor’s Cup derby and I can’t just let Ninong go there by himself”, explained Rey. Their godfather, Ninong Ador, is the Mayor of the town and is a patron of their Abinal farm owned by Rey’s family. There is no cockfighting partisan that doesn’t know the Reyes. The blood that flows that started from the ancestors of Rey came from the very tradition of his family, cockfighting. Grandpa, who started as a cockfight arbiter, became rich from nursing cockfighting. They both are also known for making cockspurs (tari) which suit the elegance of the cockfight. The ability to recognize the best rooster for cockfight is the Reyes family’s heritage and tradition and in fact, in their hometown, the name Reyes and cockfighting is inseparable. Reyes = cockfighting and cockfighting = Reyes. “Aside from that, it was him who helped you get a job at the Provincial Hospital and he helped me get a job at the Capitol, remember? He did a lot for us. I just can’t overlook that”, said Rey arranging his bag and all the derby equipment.

Now, five years has passed and they also almost missed celebrating five anniversaries because of the derbies, the cockfighting and everything. And after all those years, they still don’t have a child! This led to Janet making the decision to go to Canada as a Caregiver. Janet finished her degree in nursing that’s why she’d be perfect according to her parent’s rich boss who is the owner of a huge private nursing home in Canada.

“Labsky, let’s talk about this thoroughly first. Let’s not make any hasty decisions, please”, Rey talking to Janet as she packs for her flight.

“Talk to your chickens instead! Don’t waste your time on me because clearly I’m not your priority”, angrily replied Janet.
“Aside from that, you know where I’m going and now you have all the freedom to do whatever you want when I go to abroad! And you know what, maybe you’ll forget your addiction to chickens if you follow me to Canada”, apparently expressing an ultimatum to her husband. An ultimatum that proved to be effective because in less than a year, Rey managed to follow his wife to Canada. He got a tourist visa along with his godfather and he went on to be a TNT at Toronto all so he could be with his wife again. Fortunately, they found luck in Canada because Rey was granted amnesty and he was able to get a job in a clinic as a filling clerk through Janet’s boss. Moreover, they had their first child in Canada!

“I hope the baby is a boy so I can name him, Rey Reyes Jr!”, Rey happily saying his wish.
“Oh really? Is it because you want to teach the child how to cockfight that’s why you wanted a boy?”, jokingly replied by Janet while rubbing her big tummy.

Because of their stable jobs, they were able to save up and prepare for the grandest christening they could ever throw for their very first child. There were lots of visitors and they almost filled up the St. Peter’s Church while the others just waited and went directly to the elegant chinese restaurant that the couple picked. “Do you know why we chose St. Peter’s Church for my grandchild’s christening?”, proudly uttered by Grandpa while hoisting his glass up in the air asking for another shot of Black Label.

“Because in that church, there’s a saint who’s pet is a rooster! HAHAHA!”, teasing his son in law. This made Janet very happy because she saw that her husband and her father’s relationship is going smoothly.

After the baptism, Janet took a year off (maternity leave) to take care of their child and once she was cleaning around the house when she saw a USB plugged in the computer. “This is probably his (Rey)”, Janet thought. She was about to plug the USB out when the computer’s screen saver timed out, the computer wasn’t turned off. Out of curiosity, Janet checked the files inside the USB. Nothing can explain her shock when she saw what’s inside. She learned that the USB is filled with files of rooster used for cockfighting. Every file has a picture of a chicken, date that the chicken will fight, whether it will fight on a derby or a special event, and scanned receipts of payment if the chicken won and online banking receipts if the chicken lost. Janet also managed to search for videotapes that streamed the cockfights sent by Ninong. “

Ahhhhhh!!!This cockfighting addict is so high tech!”, Janet almost shouted. “You bastard, I thought you’ve already forgotten cockfighting when you came here! I saw all your files and cockfighting is still in your DNA!”, Janet shouted in the telephone. “Labsky, keep your cool, don’t worry, there’s no Reyes that loses in cockfighting”, said Rey in a small voice. “I’m sorry Labsky, I’ll just talk to you when i get home, i’m on duty”, Rey said. But that didn’t stop Janet from rampaging. She knew that her husband is using a computer at that moment so she went to the computer room to call him via Facetime to give this cockfighting addict a high tech sermon!End!

Disclaimer: The characters and their views and opinions utilized in this story are only fictional and is used only for fun and entertainment.



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