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Immigration Consultant: To hire or not to hire?


This is a question a lot has been asking around when they begin their application. Personally, I am a Do-It-Yourself advocate. If you have been following our blog, Filipino Portal, or our online forum, #PinoyCanada, you probably would’ve known that already. I would often mention in my posts, “Kung straight forward lang application mo, i-Do-It-yourself mo!”

I have personally done it DIY style from the MPNP application, Canadian Citizenship application, Temporary Visit Visa application for my family, to my Parents’ Sponsorship application. Fortunately, everything has gone smoothly well. Is it because I’m that good? No, not really. It is mainly because our cases have been pretty straight forward. So, when do you need the help of an immigration consultant?

First, let us refer to the CIC website’s FAQ page. Do I need a representative to help me apply?

No. The Government of Canada treats everyone equally, whether they use a representative or not.

Source: http://www.cic.gc.ca/

I have been open about sharing my experiences and trying to provide answers questions that are somewhat similar to my case. However, there are times that the questions I get become harder and harder to answer. These questions pertain to complicated cases. If your case seems to be complicated, then you are better off hiring an immigration representative/consultant. Hiring a consultant is worth considering because it will give you more credible answers to your questions before submitting your application.

Benefits of hiring an Immigration Consultant:

1. Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants are educated and well-informed.
The Government of Canada has about 100 immigration programs and I am just familiar with a few. This is their field of expertise so they would know how to answer questions regarding complicated cases and they can even give better recommendations. The laws and regulations have been constantly changing and they are always updated with the developments this field.

2. An immigration consultant always has your best interests in mind.
You can be more at ease with your application because you can be sure that you always have someone on your side, pushing for your application to be approved and helping you achieve your goals. This is regardless of where you live, as all countries will have immigration consultants that look to support you as much as they can. If you want to learn more before finding a consultant, you can look at the different immigration FAQ to better understand the immigration process of the relevant country.

3. Immigration consultants can help you avoid mistakes that can lead to application refusal.
There may be some issues that tend to be overlooked but can be easily corrected by a consultant. Mistakes can be minor, like a wrong spelling, but they can be major, like undeclared dependants. These can easily be made and these will have an influence on your chances in getting an approval or refusal.

4. Canadian Immigration Consultants are insured.
Canadian Immigration Consultants are required to follow stringent ethical and professional guidelines so they are expected to uphold their credibility with their practice. They are aware that clients can easily report their wrong doings.

5. Save Time and Money
This benefit can be translated in many ways. An immigration consultant can save you time and money and will tell you which program is appropriate for you. Doing it by yourself will entail a lot of research and reading that will eat up a lot of your time. The chances of making mistakes in doing it yourself are relatively high which can lead to wasting both your time and money. If there is an authorized individual that can go over your papers before you submit them, the chances of making mistakes are low and the chances of getting an approval is higher.

Things to Know

1. No representative has special access to CIC’s programs and services. No one can guarantee you that you will be granted a visa.
2. Be wary about what they say. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.
3. Do not pay attention to any advices that involve providing misleading information on your application. It is against the law to state false information in your application. Doing so may lead to application refusal or revocation of your right to enter Canada.
4. Do not sign blank documents.
5. Read ALL the requirements and processes thoroughly. You may be eligible to apply but the chances of being selected in the draw depends on a different set of requirements.

The Verdict

Do-It-Yourself Style = For straight forward cases
Hire an Immigration Consultant = For complicated cases

If you decide to hire an immigration representative/consultant after reading this, I highly recommend Maria de Luna. I don’t usually endorse anyone especially if I don’t know them but I have known Maria since I started the blog and online forum.

Maria de Luna is a licensed immigration consultant for Canada who is registered with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). Having experienced being an immigrant herself, she has firsthand knowledge about what prospective immigrants go through before and after landing in Canada. This experience is the reason why she lends her personal touch in dealing with her clients and help them realize their own dreams of living in Canada.

Since 2004, Maria has had solid professional experience and knowledge of Canadian immigration laws and issues. In 2015, she has put up the Maria De Luna Immigration Services, Inc. that specializes in permanent resident applications, temporary resident applications, as well as facilitating any other Canadian visa applications.

Visit company website here: http://www.mdlservices.ca

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