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Inspiring Story: Jollibee is sweeter the second time around


Ever felt like you are where you have always wanted to be? Belva Recio is a perfect example for that. However, it was not a short and easy journey.

Belva Recio used to work for Jollibee back in the Philippines and she loved it. In August 2010, she made the difficult decision to drop everything and leave home to move to Winnipeg, Canada for a better life for her and her family. Upon her arrival, she searched for jobs and work jobs in retail and fast-food chains because it was what she was used to. She was in search for a job that can make her feel happy again.

When she heard that Jollibee was coming to Winnipeg, she was thrilled as ever. And as fate allowed it, she was invited to come back and was welcomed back to where her heart really belongs. She became the Store Manage of the first Jollibee in Canada and she’s never been happier.

The key is hard work, patience and perseverance. It is only a matter of time for all our homesick kababayans to be relieved by a taste of home when they visit Jollibee in Canada..

Source: Jollibee Canada FB page

Story via Jollibee Canada

Mrs. Belva Recio, a former Jollibee employee, left her motherland and the job she loved in search of a better life in wintery Winnipeg. It was a tough decision she made for her family back in August 2010. For years, she dabbled in retail and other fast food chains, but nothing was as fulfilling as the job she left behind all those years ago.

Though she always had the option to move out of Winnipeg, she decided to stay. And in a twist of fate, she found her way back to where her heart belongs. She is now the Store Manager of the #1stJollibeeInCanada.

When asked how it feels to be back, she said, “I never really left. My heart has always been in Jollibee!”
This is surely a sentiment shared by many homesick Pinoys. “Hang in there,” she says. She believes it is only a matter of time for everyone missing the warmth of home to reconnect with their favourite Filipino restaurant, and get a comforting taste of the Philippines.

“It’s about time Jollibee opened in Canada,” she says. And of all the places where it could have opened, she said that there must have been a reason for her to be in Winnipeg all these years: fate. via Jollibee Canada


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