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The Interview: Everything you need to know about the 1st Jollibee in Canada


It was 2012 when Jollibee Foods Corp first announced that they were going to expand to North America and then 4 years later, the long wait is almost over. Now the banner is up, the building is almost done, the location is known and the anticipation is getting higher and higher every passing day.

Now was given a chance to ask a few questions to Ms. Carol Villegas, the Marketing Director for Jollibee Canada and we also asked a few people if they have questions to throw and we summed it up below:

reply from Carol Villegas – Marketing Director of Jollibee Canada

Here is the full script:

NATHAN: When is the first grand opening of Jollibee in Canada?
CAROL: We are looking at December opening. We do not have a confirmed date yet, we are creating a Facebook page for Jollibee Canada and will be giving updates there.

NATHAN: Are there any special guests (Jollibee endorsers) who will come to the opening? Our very
CAROL: Special guest, Jollibee (mascot) will be there during opening to welcome all our guest 🙂

NATHAN: What is different about the first Jollibee in Canada compared to other branches worldwide?
CAROL: None, Jollibee Canada will have the same delicious products you enjoy in the Philippines and other countries although there will be some products that will not be available yet.

NATHAN: Would it have the same vibes as with their Philippine branches?
CAROL: Yes, same delicious products, store look and warm service.

NATHAN: Would the chicken taste the same?
CAROL: Yes, we are using the same marinade, breading and gravy, we import from the Philippines to be consistent with the taste.

NATHAN: Would there be a Jolly hotdog?
CAROL: For the store opening, no Jolly Hotdog yet but we plan to launch Jolly hotdog late next year.

NATHAN: Would there be a delivery option?
CAROL: None for the moment

NATHAN: Are you open to adapt Canadian dishes like poutine and etc.,?

NATHAN: Is rice available on your dishes?
CAROL: Of course, our meal will not be complete without rice 🙂

NATHAN: Would the price range be as affordable as in the Philippines?
CAROL: We try to make our products competitive in terms of price to the market.

Oopps!! Carol said, operations Director was out of the Country so she was not able to reach him. Meanwhile, here are my pending questions: If you have more questions in mind, please comment below and we will try to contact them again.

-How big is the branch that you are opening?
-How big is the seating capacity, would it be able to accomodate the influx of hungry customers?
-Why did you choose Winnipeg?
-Are you planning on expanding even more? If yes, where and is there any tentative date?
-Would it be like the normal Jollibee in the Philippines where you can celebrate parties? (Birthdays, baptisms, etc)
– How is the seating capacity?
-Would there be a drive-thru?
-Would there be delivery?

-Where would your employees come from?
-Are you hiring?
-How does one apply?
-How many people would you add to the workforce?
-Are you planning on having a mascot? ??

– Who will be the model of Jollibee in Canada?

Next month na! See you all soon!
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