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Jollibee Makes Winnipeg Feel More Like Home

 “I’m your friend, I’m Jollibee, your jolly friendly Jollibee”♫ plays on repeat at the newest Jollibee branch in Winnipeg. Yes, that’s right! The second Jollibee store in Canada is also the second Jollibee store in Winnipeg. Winnipinos (Winnipeger-Filipinos) rejoice!

As more and more Filipinos move to Winnipeg, it is somewhat expected that many would just feel right at home here. It is very easy to adjust here as Tagalog is the second most spoken language in the city but nothing beats being back home in the Philippines. With Jollibee opening 2 stores in the city, it is a treat to all your senses to be in one because it will truly make you feel nostalgia.

Some would ask why have the first 2 Jollibee Canada stores both in Winnipeg. Why not? If you can remember, Jollibee stores in the Philippines are so many that even the smallest towns have multiple Jollibee stores. The reason behind this is Filipinos are loyal fans of the fastfood chain. It would be rare for a Jollibee store to be empty any time of the day.
Jollibee, as a whole, plays a huge part in the life of a Filipino. It would most probably be the first fastfood experience of all Pinoys. A typical family dine out in the Philippines would be at a Jollibee and the kids would be given the chance to choose what Jollibee Kiddie Meal to try so they can get collectible toys. It also is a place where friends and family can casually meet up to share a meal. The Jollibee favorites are simply the best at bringing joy to all Pinoys.
Being in the area where there is a Jollibee store, you just instantly know it. Admittedly so, stepping inside a Jollibee is very therapeutic. You see happy colors around you like red and yellow plus the lively songs piped inside the store. You smell the signature scent of the freshly cooked Chickenjoy filling the air. As soon as you reach the counter, smiling faces of the staff greet you and assist you as you place your orders. Finally, when you take a bite of your Jollibee favorite, you can taste and feel home.
It is true that the opening of the second store did not get as much line up as the first one but this did not mean that the excitement has waned. This can be expected as people were just after the giveaway toy. There may be many other restaurants around but nothing compares to Jollibee when you ask a Pinoy. No matter how many stores Jollibee opens in Winnipeg or in Canada, Pinoys will continue to flock towards the stores. They will keep on finding reasons to go back over and over again to this place that makes them feel at home.
PhotoCredit: Nonie Manalili Photography

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