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Jollibee to open branch in Quebec


After announcing the 5 branches opening in Canada next year, we got to thinking about having a Jollibee in Quebec. Wouldn’t it be interesting to have one there? However, Quebec will only allow the operations in the province if everything will be translated to French. Since it is a french-speaking province, can you imagine having to order your favorites in French?

Jollibee will be called “Abeille Joyeuse” if literally translated. Because this will be a bit of a mouthful, they might just be better off with sticking to “Jollibee.”

Now, let’s check the selections on the menu:

Chickenjoy – Joie de Poulet (we could get used to it)
Jolly Spaghetti – Joli Spaghetti (just similar)
Yum Burger – Hamburger de Yum (seems too long)
Peach Mango Pie – Tourteau de Mangue (sounds gourmet!)

Did you actually try pronouncing the french names? Sounds posh right? But nothing beats the English names in capturing our all-time favorites!

Did you like it better in French? Let us know and share this article!

Postscript: This article is  just for fun. Whoever loses their temper loses.

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