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Kababayan sets up a “Game changer” – The Filipino Amazon of North America


“The Filipino Amazon”

Winnipeg, Manitoba – What was initially conceived of as an online Filipino-themed clothing store turned out to be a bigger, bolder business venture that is Bentahan. Adonis Fernandez, founder and administrator of Bentahan, has set up what he calls—The Filipino Amazon.

Established in 2020, Bentahan is a Filipino online marketplace based in Winnipeg, Canada. It is both a selling platform and an online store. As a selling platform, it aims to “bridge the gap” between small businesses and their potential customers throughout Canada and USA, at least. It is this opportunity that bigger stores like Walmart, Real Canadian Superstore or Costco are unable to provide to small businesses say Fernandez. As an online store, Bentahan sells popular Filipino products like Sinigang mix, Barong Tagalog, Filipino parol, figurines, Filipino-themed clothing and even Pinoy pool tables.

Like Amazon, it allows sellers to sell their products from home or their store and allows customers to have their orders delivered right at their doorsteps. Hence, Bentahan’s slogan: “Filipino store at your door”.

He believes that with the Filipino community’s rapidly growing population, the growing demand for Filipino-themed products comes with it. Asked how he’s been gauging the growing demand and marketability of Filipino-themed products, he says that Facebook marketplace and groups are proof. There are various Filipino-focused Facebook groups that are their own marketplace across all provinces in Canada and states in USA.

And, just when you thought that having a Filipino Amazon is a big venture, Fernandez plans to further expand the business into being “The Amazon of ethnic products in North America” including plans to have its own fulfillment centers across North America.

Bentahan is a member of Tech Manitoba.


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