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Keanu Reeves Filming in a Small Town of Canada


Keanu Reeves is set to shoot his new movie in a small rural community of Marquette. It is a small town in Manitoba with a population of around 50, a farming community and with few or half dozen houses. The town hosted the entire production team and some areas are transformed into Siberia, the setting of the film.

By their Hollywood magic touch, a Russian bus stop, signage and waiting shed are built. The production crew also transformed the Marquette’s Grazzers café into a grim looking Siberian café.

According to some locals, this situation is good for their quiet town and brought people in out of curiosity. The residents are excited and talking about seeing the movie. And they described Keanu Reeves as a friendly guy who blends in wherever he appears when he’s not in front of the camera. If too busy, he still managed to wave his hands to those fans patiently standing for hours watching him taping the scenes. The team will only stay for a brief of time and will transfer to another location. But the memories of Hollywood for the town of Marquette will live forever.

Siberia is a romantic thriller movie starring Keanu Reeves to be released on 2018. Film Director Matthew Ross has Reeves playing an American diamond trader. But when his partner goes missing he journeys to Siberia in search of him.  Along with his journey, he falls deeply in love with a Russian café owner along the way.

Here’s a glimpse of the film set and some pictures of fans with Keanu Reeves:

Cafe from Marquette turned into Siberian Cafe

Photo Credit: Ceazar Jojo Rivera

Production crews setting the lights for the Evening Shoot

Russian Street Signage as Props

A Russian Bus Stop Set

Keanu Reeves going to the dressing room

A Russian Billboard

Photo Credit: Shirley Thevenot

Shirley Thevenot with Keanu Reeves

A sweet photo from a fan

Photo Credit: Sharon Tomchuk-McDonald

One Fine Day!

Photo Credit: Aline Bernadin

Our lucky kababayan with Keanu!


Photo Source:

Cover Photo (Left) from VCatell Photos

Cover Photo (Right) Fed Mercado


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