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Long Haul Truck Drivers in Demand Job in Canada


Ever wondered what types of jobs are in demand in Canada this 2017? If you love long drives, you might want to consider a new career venture. With the knowledge of top ranked electronic logging devices for sale, why shouldn’t you purse your dream job as a truck driver? As long as you know how to stay safe on the road and you are taking necessary precautions, nothing should get in your way of fulfilling your dream. The Canadian trucking industry is facing a shortage for a certain job position according to the most recent statistics. This year, Canada is in need of long haul truck drivers! The Canadian haulage industry has fallen behind its European counterpart as a consequence of the need for more drivers. European road freight by TS Europe has been known to be much more efficient than what we are accustomed to here in Canada.

One way the world of logisitics is adapting to the modern age however is through the use of exciting new software such as Field Management Optimization. What this means is that transportation companies can now use technology to manage their mobile service workforce. Daily tasks can be viewed and updated via an app, keeping employee downtime at a minimum and therefore maximising company efficiency. Ultimately, all of this helps to make transportation become an even more lucrative industry.

Nonetheless, in terms of day to day responsibilities, the job description remains largely the same as it always was. A long haul truck driver or heavy goods vehicle (HGV) driver is tasked to drive delivery trucks from depots and warehouses, carrying various goods all over Canada and USA. You will also be planning efficient delivery schedules and routes, supervising or helping load and unload goods during transports.

According to the forecast, more than 48,000 HGV drivers will be needed by the end of 2024. Since this is in Canada, this means that this could be your ticket to immigrating to Canada. There are currently more than 4,000 open vacancies as revealed by the Canadian Federal Government job bank. You could fill in one of those slots. Experienced applicants are most likely to be successful with the Canadian immigration processes when applying to any of the available Provincial Nominee Programs.

As for more job position information, the average age of HVG drivers can range from 48 to 55 years old. You might also be interested to know that the average salary for this job ranges between CAD55,000 to CAD65,000 a year. A perk of the job is, aside from travelling, the drivers typically get bonuses by the miles they do which allows them to earn more on top of their basic salary. If you are curious about the work schedule, it is usually no more than 14 days at a time on the road in 12 hours shifts with three days off in between. Neat right? The hours any driver does has to be tracked using an ELD so that the employers can ensure hours of service compliance is being met. This is why fleet owners often use dot compliance services, as they comply with ELD mandates and can help to improve safety and lower operating costs.

Interested in applying? Visit these sites to see the job openings:

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