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Look: Another Filipino Fastfood Chain to Open in Canada


Due to the huge success of Jollibee, another Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC) fast food chain will be making its way to Canada. From all the other fast food restaurants under its umbrella such as Chowking, Greenwich and Mang Inasal, can you guess which one? You’ve guessed it, Chowking!

Chowking is a fast food restaurant chain in the Philippines that combines the concepts of Western fast food service style with Chinese food. With that said, in the menu are predominantly noodle soups, dim sum, and rice toppings. It is a hit to the Filipinos because these are the food that they would typically go for. During the time when burger joints were dominating, this restaurant stood out and was able to capture and deliver what Filipinos are looking for in their meals: rice, sabaw (soup) and pancit (stir-fried noodles).

Following the footsteps of its flagship brand, Jollibee, JFC is planning to bring Chowking to Canada. Locations and dates have not been disclosed yet. However, there is a good chance that they will open in Winnipeg as well. With the weather being cold most of the time, sabaw everyday is not a bad idea.

There are roughly 5,000 Vietnamese immigrants in Winnipeg compared to 80,000 Pinoys and yet there is a lot of Pho places. If you notice, when you dine in these places, you can see many Filipinos dine there too. Therefore, this may be a good decision for JFC to finally bring Chowking in Canada in order to compete with these Pho places and capture the Filipino market in the country for noodles, dim sum and rice toppings.

Hate to burst your bubbles but…Happy April Fool’s Day!

Do not worry. This may not be true right now but who knows? Jollibee started as an April Fool’s article too but it turned into a reality. It is not impossible since Chowking is already in the United States. Besides, the JFC management might actually be looking into this right now. See the Chowking’s reply to a tweet from a kababayan. This can be something we can watch out for in the future.

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