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Look: Jollibee will finally open in Vancouver


It seems to be a long time coming for the famous fast food chain to land a spot in Vancouver. Despite Vancouver being the second province with most Pinoys residing, provinces like Manitoba already have two branches in Winnipeg, while Saskatchewan has a sole store in Regina. Ontario has the most branches as of recent, with four store locations: Mississauga, Scarborough, Thornhill, and Toronto Wilson Station. Alberta has two store locations, Calgary and South Edmonton.

As for the Jollibee store, it might be another winter opening. No official announcements have been made yet but…Vancouver, are you excited?

As per our source, the new location opening next will be at Granville Downtown Vancouver in 2020! 

Around June 2018, Jollibee announced their plan to open at least 100 locations across Canada by 2023. The first location of Jollibee in the country is the branch in the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba. After all, the fast food chain offered various promos during the opening: the first 50 people in line who purchases $25 or more will get Jolly Crispy Chicken for the whole year, as stated on their Facebook page.

Additionally, the first 50 customers with their most creative #ItsOurTurn signs were given a special Jollibee Funko Pop, while the first 300 customers were given a free Jollibee Plush doll with a purchase of $25 or more. Aside from their food, Jollibee provides customers with good swag and is a famous venue for children’s parties back home. 

In February 2020, Jollibee Foods Corporation announced that they are setting up 25 stores in the US and Canada for this year, furthering its expansion overseas. The number of stores to be opened this year is the company’s biggest in a single year, as reiterated by Beth dela Cruz, the president of JFC North America. To date, there are about 50 Jollibee stores in the US and Canada. A lot of non-Filipinos are often times the first customers whenever a new branch opens: after the lines die down, the locals residing abroad come for the taste of home and nostalgia that Jollibee provides.

Aside from their famous Chickenjoy, other bestsellers are the hot handheld peach mango pie, and the famous Jolly spaghetti, derived from how Filipinos cook spaghetti: sweet, with hotdog bits and grated cheese. The Jolly palabok is also a hit because of its uniqueness, being a staple merienda (late afternoon) dish in the Philippines.

Meanwhile, if you are interested in joining the Jollibee Team, refer to link below

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