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Look: Meet 5 of the Richest Filipinos in Canada


In Canada, it’s not only more jobs awaiting Filipino workers, but it can also be jaw-dropping lottery jackpot prizes that made five of our kababayans some of the richest Pinoys living and working here. Want to meet them? In today’s blog, I’m going over five of them. Be sure to check them out.

NOTE: The government doesn’t release specific data, so we don’t really know how much net worth Filipinos in Canada have. That’s why we’re only referring to publicly available data.

5. The Lucky 7 – Janitor (7M or 280,000,000 pesos)

“I remember scanning my ticket and seeing all these numbers. I have (a) really blurry vision, so I had to hold the ticket right up to my face. I couldn’t believe it” – Vito Halasan, $7M 6/49 Lotto jackpot winner.

Was it luck or a birthday present?  Vito won the lottery a few days after his 58th birthday.

April 27, 2019 was the luckiest day ever of an OFW in Canada! Vito Halasan, a janitor, won a whopping $7 million in the 6/49 lotto draw. But even if this amount of money is enough to support him and his family of three children and four grandkids, he has no plans to stop working as a janitor, but perhaps with fewer work hours.

When asked what to do with the money…?  He plans on buying a new house for his family.

About Vito: In 2009, he moved to Canada from the Philippines with his family and just like any responsible, family-oriented Filipino, he wants to give his family the great life they deserve. He has three kids and four grandchildren and works as a janitor in Surrey, British Columbia.

4. Never been happier to be proven wrong (32.7M or 1.3 Billions pesos)

“When I learned that I had won $32.7 million, I burst into tears of joy. I work two jobs to make ends meet. I still haven’t taken it all in, but my life will certainly never be the same.” –Patrick Estacio.

Patrck couldn’t believe that what he thought was only $32,000 lottery winnings was actually a staggering $32 million on November 9, 2016 lottery draw.

So, here’s the story. Patrick went on his day for work but decided to drop by Lotto Quebec in November 10 to validate his lotto ticket. He told the staff about his winnings and later was told that the Filipino, who’s living in a rooming house in Quebec, won much more than he had initially thought.

About his plans?  In a statement, he said that he wanted to stay simple and humble but also revealed intentions of buying a condominium or a house, and then let the rest be history.

3. Dreams really do come true (39.5M or 1.58 Billion pesos)

While the odds of winning the Lotto Max draw are only at one in 28,633,528 according to the British Columbia Lottery Corporation, a Filipino was more than lucky!

On December 28, 2018, Michelle De Roma won the $39.5 million jackpot prize.

A little background: On December 26, Michelle bought the winning lottery ticket when she was on a Boxing Day shopping trip at Tsawwassen Mills’ outlet mall. She decided to validate her winnings which showed $39 million. Filled with so much joy and amazement, her husband hugged and kissed her.

2. Can’t think of a lotto combination? Use this technique (1,760,000,000 pesos)

Elizabeth Lumbo and Arlene Lumbo, ex-spouses turned best friends, won the July 20 lotto draw, as announced by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, taking home $44,023,273.40!  Each of them received $22,011,636.

In a statement, Elizabeth revealed that she was running errands when she discovered the amazing news. At first, she thought that there was something wrong with the checker because it started playing the jingle. The cashier scanned her ticket and told her that she won the lotto jackpot to her big surprise.

About her plans? Elizabeth plans on touring the world post pandemic and continue working as a customer service professional until her retirement.

Here’s a little secret: If you cannot come up with a set of lucky numbers, combine family birthdays. It’s the technique used by Elizabeth since the pandemic, initially being an idea of her daughter who came up with the combination.

1. Not kidding aside (60,000,000 or 2,400,000,000 pesos)

John Chua, won $60,000,020, the record holder for the biggest lottery prize won on a lottery ticket in Manitoba.

He first heard of the news that someone in Winnipeg won the jackpot and it made him feel jealous.  Much to his surprise, he received an email from notifying him of the jackpot prize his ticket won. But just to double-check, he verified his winnings with the website because he thought he only won Free Play.

His mother couldn’t believe this that she said, “He always plays jokes – he’s a joker, so I didn’t believe it.”

About his plans? He said that he didn’t want to rush things but make smart choices for their kids and added he’s going to take his time for their future.

In Canada, the pasture is greener and your success is within reach with hard work and dedication. But what more if you won the lottery jackpot? Have you thought of that? Feel inspired with the stories of our five richest Filipino lottery winners.

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