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LOOK: PM Justin Trudeau nakisaya sa mga Filipino Community sa Canada

Photocredit: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Facebook Page

It was a thrilling weekend for Filipinos in Canada, especially in Toronto after a very special guest expressed his unwavering support for the Filipino community in Canada.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau showed up in a stunning white barong tagalog, the same one he wore when he visited the Philippines for the APEC Summit, as he mingled and took photos with our fellow kababayans as he emphasized time and time again the importance of the cultural diversity that Canada possesses.

The prime minister joined the Taste of Manila event held in Toronto as he grilled barbecues at one of the booths and spoke about multiculturalism being a “source of strength” for the Canadian society.

“We all understand that our differences are a source of strength, not a source of weakness. When we learn from our neighbors, when we get to know different cultures and different stories and different backgrounds, our communities get richer, our communities get stronger, and the future that we build for our kids gets better and better,” Prime Minister Trudeau stated.

Filipinos represents as the third largest group of Asian immigrants in Canada and Ontario is home to over 204,035 Filipinos according to the survey made in 2011.

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