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Look: Tim Hortons Philippines reveals prices and opening on Feb 28


Canada’s favorite coffee has officially arrived in Manila as confirmed by the press launch held yesterday at the Uptown Mall in BGC, Manila. Pinoys will finally be able to get access to the famous Timbits, Iced Capp and Double-Double that Tim Hortons is known for. As expected, the coffee chain will be bringing the similar menu offerings that they have here in Canada. It has been revealed that they will be offering locally inspired products in the future but before that happens, let’s compare the menus with prices.

For reference: $1 ~ 37 php as of today

Menu Canada Price Manila Price
Coffee Original      Cad     Peso
    Small   $ 1.59   php 70.00
    Medium   $ 1.79   php 80.00
    Large   $ 2.99   php 90.00
Iced Capp
   Small    $ 2.49  php 115
   Medium   $ 2.99  php 130
   Large   $ 3.49  php 145
 Tim Bits
   1 pc    n/a  php 10 each
   10pcs   $ 1.99  php 80.00
   20 pcs   $ 3.99  php 160.00
   80 pcs   $ 7.99  php 350.00

Based on the prices, it is clearly more expensive in Manila. However, don’t all food chains increase their prices when they enter the Philippines? Tim Hortons in Manila is priced to compete with Starbucks’ prices. This is totally different from what we can see here in Canada because Starbucks is way more expensive than Timmy’s. That is one of the main reasons Canadians love Tim Hortons!

Aside from the product offerings, it is good to see how Tim Hortons will be as an employer in the Philippines. Here in Canada, their employees receive at least the minimum gross wage of CAD11/hour or CAD88/day (php 3,344) In the Philippines, if they will follow the minimum gross wage, the employees should at least receive PHP481/day. You do the math. Given the lower cost of manpower in the Philippines, it is safe to assume that Tim Hortons will be hiring more employees to run a store in Manila than in Canada. This may be a good opportunity for our fresh graduate or unemployed kababayans as Tim Hortons will be opening 2 other branches soon!

Do you think Pinoys will be as welcoming and loving to Tim Hortons as they are to Starbucks? One thing is for sure: a lot of Pinoys will have a new tambayan place because Timmy’s will be open 24 hours! The first branch will open on February 28 at the ground floor of Uptown Place Mall, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. We’ll see how our kababayans will receive Timmy’s then.

Update: Three Tim Horton’s location in Manila


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