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Marijuana will not likely be legal in Canada this 2017 but in 2018!


UPDATE: The Liberal government will announce legislation next month that will legalize marijuana in Canada by July 1, 2018. The federal government will be in charge of making sure the country’s marijuana supply is safe and secure and Ottawa will license producers. But the provinces will have the right to decide how the marijuana is distributed and sold. Provincial governments will also have the right to set price, therefore you should check out this guide to weed pricing. While Ottawa will set a minimum age of 18 to buy marijuana, the provinces will have the option of setting a higher age limit if they wish. They can also offer vaping products, such as vape pens, vape carts as well as other products. As for Canadians who want to grow their own marijuana, they will be limited to four plants per household. – CBC.CA

One of the ‘Real Change’ promises of Justin Trudeau is to legalize marijuana in the country, including black diamond weed. Although the federal government confirmed that they introduce the legislation to legalize pot in Parliament this spring, they also said that it may take some time of the process.

Marijuana is likely to be legalized due to the medical benefits that it’s now being discovered as having. Marijuana can help treat chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and insomnia, to name a few. Whilst marijuana is still illegal, however, people can use this THC-free broad spectrum hemp extract oil for medicinal benefits instead.

Liberal MP Bill Blair – the former Toronto police chief, leading Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s legislation to legalize marijuana confirmed that a bill is due in parliament this spring. However, they said that it will take its time and work with provinces, territories, and cities to build a framework and develop specific regulations. Blair said that the government is also looking for ways to control production, distribution, and consumption of legalized marijuana while testing it for quality and keeping it out of the hands of minors.

We will take as much time as it takes to do it right,–Blair the parliamentary secretary to Canada’s justice Minister.

What the Liberal government has done is a promise to introduce legislation to Parliament in the Spring of 2017 that will seek to “control and regulate” marijuana. This process is expected to work its way through the Canadian Parliamentary system over several months, with many predicting ‘full legalization’ not being functional in Canada until early 2018, or later.

Moreover, Federal Health Minister also said that there is no clear timeline on marijuana legalization.

When the legalization bill is passed in the House of Commons and the Senate, which could be late this year or early 2018, it doesn’t mean legal marijuana will be available right away. –Minister Jane Philpott

Meantime, the most recent report from the parliamentary budget watchdog says tax revenues from marijuana sales, once legalized in Canada, will be modest. The Parliamentary Budget Office shows it will be in the millions of dollars, rather than the billions.

The parliamentary budget officer is also projecting that 4.6 million Canadians will consume pot in the first year it is legalized, rising to 5.2 million by 2021.

So these are the new bills in Canada that everybody is waiting:

  1. Amendment to Citizenship Act
  2. Legalization of Cannabis



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