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Moving to Canada – Checklist of Personal and Household Items to take



The following are recommended packing checklists for all those OFWs and Immigrants, whether you are from the Philippines, the USA or elsewhere. These might serve as a guide bringing such necessities from home.

But first, here are some points you need to know before packing your baggage:

  • Canada has four seasons: winter, spring, summer and fall. In this case, categorize your garments according to the weather.
  • Electrical appliances in Canada use 110 volt, 60- cycle current. If you are planning to bring some gadgets, check their compatibility before packing them.
  • Visit and check the items that are allowed and not allowed to bring on an airplane or a cross-country moving service.
  • Declare all the things you are carrying into the country. You can use the Excel program to make a detailed list. If your papers are in order, there should be no delay.

And once you’re in Canada and in your new home have a plan before you unpack, you’ve organised your boxes so it won’t do any good to unload them chaotically. That will just create a mess.

So those are the basics when it comes to the rules with packing and moving. What about what kind of items to take, well here are suggested lists of personal and household items to take and to declare when moving to Canada:


  1. Clothing – Bring clothes a little bit loose.
  • Summer Clothing – sandos, shorts/skirts, T-shirts (lots!)
  • Clothes for Job interviews – Black slacks, Polo, Blouse
  • Undergarments (lots!), socks, face towel, handkerchiefs
  • Rainproof Jacket
  • Thick Sweater
  • Jeans (lots!)
  • Long sleeves shirts
  • Variety of clothes for all occasions
  1. Shoes – 2 to 3 pairs will do.
  • Thongs/flip flops
  • Bedroom Slippers (great for winter)
  • Black Leather shoes
  • Rubber Shoes/ Sneakers
  1. Bed sheets, Pillow, Blankets etc. – prefer all season bed sheets.
  • Variety of Bed sheets (King or Queen Size)
  • Thin and thick Blankets
  • Vacuum sealed Pillows, pillow case
  • Bath Towels
  1. Dinnerware – A box or two of dinnerware, cooking ware and cutlery could help in your basic needs.
  1. Toiletries – minimum in quantity and check how to pack it all properly.
  • Bath Soap
  • Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Deodorant
  • Hairbrush/Comb, Hair wax/gel, Shampoo
  • Gilette Razor, Nail Clipper, Tweezers
  • Lotion/Moisturizers
  • Mosquito patch/ Insect repellent
  • Make up, Lip Balm/Lip gloss
  1. Gadgets – check if the adapter indicates 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz
  • Laptop w/ genuine OS and other programs
  • Printer – check first if your ink is available here
  • Mobile Phones – Samsung phones are proven compatible here, check other phone brands
  • Power Adapters/Chargers and cords.
  1. Others/Miscellaneous
  • Sewing kit
  • Flashlight
  • Sunglasses
  • Over the counter medicines for headache, runny nose, diarrhea, muscle pain etc.
  • Food – biscuits, cupcakes, coffee, sugar, bread, instant noodles etc.
  1. And for our readers from the Philipines don’t forget the Pasalubong!
  • Sinaing na Tulingan
  • Ube halaya
  • Red ribbon cakes, mammon, ensaymada, pastillas
  • Kalamay, Panutsa, Suman
  • Goldilocks leche flan, egg pie etc.
  • And many more Pinoy delicacies. But check if other Pinoy foods and delicacies are allowed.

You can download the Sample Table List here.


A lot of space will be saved if you put clothes and blankets in a vacuum sealed plastic bag.

And sometimes, it is allowed and cheaper to have an additional box rather than paying the overweight packing cost of the box. Just check it in your airline.

Have a safe trip Kabayan!


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