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My Birthday Gift to Canada150


This year it is Canada’s 150th Birthday and last July 1st there were different ways across the country celebrating Canada day. As immigrants, we have lots of different stories to tell and tons of things to be grateful for living in this country.  Based on a study conducted by U.S. News in a partnership of Y&R’s BAV and Wharton, Canada is the best 2nd country in the world and ranked 1st in terms of quality of life.

We are very fortunate to experience what Canada offers. But in return what can we give to Canada as its 150th birthday gift? We live here and this is our country now. Today might be a reflection for us to contribute something good to Canada to remain its magnificence and excellence of life it can give to people.

It may be large or small acts of kindness or acts of service or something good about yourself that you can share it with the nation. With every good word, we share it can make extraordinary changes to improve our neighborhood, workplace, community and even our own household here in Canada.

So, what is/are your birthday gift/s of service/kindness for Canada? Share it here and let us make a difference.

Note: This is a developing article, from time to time; best remarks will be inserted in this commentary.

My Birthday Gift to Canada150

“My simple gift to Canada150 is whenever I am around the park and see some litter; I can pick it up and throw it in a garbage bin. Parks here in Canada are fresh and clean, I would like to see it is maintained. A simple act of service can make our parks sustained.”  – From JB

Somebody also asked me to include specifically the value of Filipino Immigrants to Canada. What are the traits of Filipinos that is considered as greatest gifts to Canada? Here are some of it:

  1. A gift of being hardworking in menial jobs.
  2. A gift of boosting their economy thru Balikbayan Boxes.
  3. Real Estate Industry and Car Sales Increases because of the Filipinos.
  4. And a lot more…Share it below!

What do you think are the Greatest Gifts/Traits of Filipino Immigrants offered to Canada?


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