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Never Give up attitude for my Canada Dream by Lilibeth


MPNP Batch December 2012 – April 2013
CIC : June 2013 – May 2014


My experience in this application is a nightmare and an ecstasy no one can imagine.

We started dreaming to migrate to Canada since 1998, my mother has a sister in Alberta and my Father in law has sisters married to local Canadians in Winnipeg. During that period we were thinking of independent immigrant application as a Federal Skilled Worker but were not lucky enough though we have all the own papers ready, but not the finances, and one reason is the “5 pt”that we can earn by declaring that we have relatives in Canada but papers are to no avail.

My husband continued his studies and I continued working to gain more experience and we finally migrated to Singapore. Both of us were working and kids are studying, but still Canada dream has never been dumped. We have relatives in Manitoba where Provincial Nomination is quite popular through Family support, but still lacking of supporting documents which we cannot force the third party.

Finally, September 2011, my father in law’s brother is moving from BC to MB to take care of the grandkids who stays in MB, so our dream is on fire again. As soon as they have that residency eligibility to sponsor we have submitted our application end of December 2012. (1 year after their MB health card- 1st 3 mos they are using BC health card. After we have our file number and sponsor has submitted the SP2, we have not heard anything from MPNP.

I was a little worried because most of my batch mates has been receiving emails with some additional requirements and the like. Come to April 2014, my sponsor is having holiday in BC, and he has given me permission to log in to his email address just in case he is not able to pick up the call from the interviewer. I was hesitant to open it and was thinking if there is anything, MPNP should keep me in the loop. I tried reading his email in May 8 where there was an instruction from the MPNP officer to return their call as they were calling the sponsors home but unsuccessful, email dated April 10, and with a note “if we have not receive feedback from you, we will send the outcome of the application by mail based to the papers sent with the application”. He only have 2 days to make a call, I did my best to get in touch with them and they were able to return the call.

LOA received May 30,2014 @ SG address letter dated May 10, that evening is our flight back to Philippines. CIC application has been sent after a month and my rough journey has started.

My application did not bounce but instead of CEM, my application has been sent back to SGVO. Then after my Medical and RPRF payment, my papers has been sent to OTTAWA pilot project because somebody has categorised it as a “FSW-PILOT PROJECT”so my long wait begins and sleepless nights tracing where did my money landed and at which Visa office my papers has ended. I just kept myself occupied thinking that my papers are just having a world tour. There are a lot of delays, until my daughter has turned 18 on Jan 18,2014, and we received instruction for her to have a police clearance, personal history since she turned 18!…all of us were stoned and thinking where should we start, a history 2 days back. Nevertheless, we complied and finally, we have received the approval letter and have our Passports back May 2014. And has decided to move to MB a month before our Visa Expires.

I arrived in MB last October 2014 and I have marked my 3rd month here in Winnipeg, where both me and my husband have our own work and Kids are attending full-time studies. Migration is not an easy process, you need a long preparation , focus, perseverance, patience and prayers and most specially, financial, emotional and spiritual supports from your relatives, peers and your own Family. The dream and plans should be shared to every single member of the family to keep the ball rolling. Finances is one big part but not the sole part of it.



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