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New Process and 7 Steps on How to Immigrate to Manitoba, Canada


Do you want to migrate to Canada? Apply thru Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP)- Skilled Worker Overseas. Each year 15,000 people from countries all over the world move to Manitoba.

Here are the 7 steps on how to migrate under MPNP – Skilled Worker Overseas.

 Step 1 Determine your Eligibility

Determine Your Eligibility – Skilled Workers Overseas

An applicant must have a connection in Manitoba either through:

  • previous education or work experience in the province (previous International Students or TFW in MB) OR
  • through Invitation to Apply received directly from MPNP as part of a Strategic Recruitment Initiative (If you remember, we publish some articles that Canadian Employers are visiting the Philippines to recruit potential Immigrants). From time to time, they visit some countries to provide these opportunities.

If you have any one of these three then proceed to Self Points Assessment

Step 2 Self Points Assessment

 In addition to demonstrating a strong connection to Manitoba, every candidate who wants to be considered under the Skilled Worker Overseas stream must score at least 60 points based on five factors in order to be eligible.

 Note: If you do not have a connection to Manitoba, you are not eligible under this stream, regardless of your total points. The MPNP points system illustrated below is for your self-assessment and information only.

 Factor 1: Language Proficiency

 Language Points are calculated according to documented proof of training and ability in one or both of Canada’s official languages, English and French. If you are proficient in both, choose as your first language the one you are most comfortable using. You must submit valid official results of a recent MPNP-approved language test as proof of your language proficiency.

MPNP-approved language tests are:

IELTS General Training (GT)

CELPIP-General (in Canada only)

TEF (for French applicants)

Use a Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) Calculator to find out your CLB from your test scores.

IELTS Calculator



Calculators are provided for ease of use, employing the same test score and CLB figures as the MPNP CLB Grid, which is the official program document.



CLB 8 or higher                                                  20

CLB 7                                                                     18

CLB 6                                                                     16

CLB 5                                                                     14

CLB 4                                                                     12

CLB 3 or lower                                                   0


CLB 5 or higher                                                  5

MAXIMUM POINTS – FACTOR 1                25 (25% OF TOTAL)

Factor 2:  Age

 Age points are calculated according to the date your application is received by the MPNP.

AGE                       POINTS AWARDED

18                                           4

19                                           6

20                                           8

21 to 45                                10

46                                           8

47                                           6

48                                           4

49                                           2

50 or older                          0

MAXIMUM POINTS – FACTOR 2                10 (10% OF TOTAL)

Factor 3: Work Experience

 Work experience points are based on documented proof of full-time employment in the past five years. Only full-time jobs of six months (continuous) or longer are considered.


less than one year                                           0

one year                                                              8

two years                                                            10

three years                                                         12

four years or more                                          15

MAXIMUM POINTS – FACTOR 3                15 (15% OF TOTAL)

Factor 4: Education

Education Points are based on documented proof of completed education and /or training programs at recognized education institutions. A completed program is one for which you have met all requirements and received a certificate, diploma or degree. The MPNP reserves the right to require a third-party assessment to demonstrate trades education and training are comparable to Canadian standards.

HIGHEST LEVEL OF EDUCATION                                 POINTS AWARDED

Master’s degree or Doctorate                                                                    25

Two post-secondary programs of at least two years each              23

One post-secondary program of two years or longer                       20

One one-year post-secondary program                                               14

Trade certificate                                                                                       14

No formal post-secondary education                                                      0

MAXIMUM POINTS – FACTOR 4                25 (25% OF TOTAL)

Factor 5: Adaptability

Adaptability points are calculated according to documented proof of a strong connection to Manitoba and employability in your assessed occupation, demonstrating that you have the genuine intention and ability to successfully settle and economically establish in Manitoba as a permanent resident. A connection to Manitoba is required of all applicants. You can only receive points for one type of connection, even if multiple apply to you. In addition to Adaptability points, you may also score points for Regional Immigration for having a connection to, and planning to settle in, a region of Manitoba outside the city of Winnipeg.  Regional points are supplemental only and cannot be a substitute for another connection to the province.

CONNECTION TO MANITOBA                                                                     POINTS AWARDED

Close relative in Manitoba                                                                                           20

Invitation to Apply                                                                                                           20

Previous work experience in Manitoba (at least six months)                                  12

Completed post-secondary program of two years or more in Manitoba                12

Completed post-secondary program of at least one academic year in Manitoba 10

Friend or distant relative living in Manitoba                                                          10

Regional Immigration                                                                                                     5

MAXIMUM POINTS – FACTOR 5                25 (25% OF TOTAL)

If you meet the minimum of 60 Points Self-Assessment System, then you can proceed to Step 3.

Step 3 Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI)

 How to create Expression of Interest (EOI):

  • Create Government of Manitoba account
  • Click the button on the bottom of this page and follow the instructions to create an account with the Government of Manitoba.
  • Sign in to create Expression of Interest
  • Select Create an Expression of Interest from the options provided
  • Complete an Expression of Interest and tell us about:
  • your identity
  • your contact information
  • your education, work experience and official language proficiency
  • your connection to Manitoba and Canada


Before you submit your EOI, you should print a copy of the summary page showing all your answers and ranking points scores for your records.

You can only have one active Expression of Interest at any time. You will only be able to submit a new profile once your current Expression of Interest expires.

Download the ranking points. MPNP Ranking Points

How does the EOI work?

 Upon submitting EOI, a ranking point score is given to you.  The maximum score is 1000 points. Prospective Immigrants EOI is placed in a pool and ranked against others already in the pool. MPNP would only invite the best candidates.

Note: For reasons which could include a large existing inventory of un-assessed applications; low labour market demand; and/or significant barriers to labour market participation, Expressions of Interest from Skilled Workers Overseas in the following occupations have not been considered in this draw, unless they were directly invited by the MPNP under a Strategic Recruitment Initiative:

  • Registered Nurses
  • Secondary and Elementary School Teachers
  • Vocational and College Instructors
  • University Professors
  • General and Specialist Physicians

In my opinion, these professions can still apply but it is best that you put an intended occupation in your EOI that is not directly as the professions above. It can be related like from Nurse to Health Care Aid or Teachers to Educational Assistant etc. Not a guarantee but might have a chance rather than waiting and not applying at all.

From time to time, MPNP announces EOI DRAW which means they pull out the highest-scoring candidates from the EOI pool. Then they issue the Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA) for those chosen candidates.

Your EOI profile is valid for one year, if you haven’t received LAA in a year upon your EOI submission, that’s the time you can make another EOI. Remember that your Language Test like IELTS is valid for 2 years. You can do something too to make your points higher because remember EOI is a ranking based system.

Step 4 Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA) – Skilled Workers

 If your EOI is successfully drawn, you will receive a Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA).  Here are the documents needed to prepare after you receive LAA:

  • Birth certificate
  • Passport
  • Marital status: marriage/divorce/death certificates; separation agreement; documents proving your common-law partnership of at least one year
  • Dependants: birth certificates must show names of both parents; adoption papers; custody agreements for children of divorce/separation, as well as travel documents
  • Certificate, degree or diploma and transcripts for each program completed by applicant and spouse. Note: if you say, for example, that you completed high school and university, you must upload transcripts and a certificate for high school and transcripts and a certificate for a university. Certified translation into English or French is required for each document issued in another language.
  • Signed letter of reference from each employer of the applicant and spouse
  • Employer letters must be on company letterhead and signed by a company representative (include contact information)
  • Your employer must include mention of start and end dates for employment; a detailed description of position and duties, and the salary (wage) you were paid
  • Immigration status and history if applicable
  • Valid Language Test Result
  • Settlement funds – All applicants should have C$10,000 plus C$2,000 for spouse and each accompanying dependant by providing Bank Statements.
  • Settlement Plans – Settlement Plan A is a form completed by applicants explaining why they chose Manitoba and how they plan to settle in the community. Settlement Plan B is a form completed by the applicant Manitoba supporter explaining how they’ll help applicants achieve short and long-term settlement goals

Note: There is a proposed $500CAD MPNP processing fee to start in April 2017.

Now Log in to MPNP Online (same account you used when you submit your EOI) to submit your online application and scanned all your Documents. Follow properly the directions.

Step 5 MPNP Applications are approved! Apply for Permanent Residency to Canadian Government (Thru Paper Based or Express Entry).

 If your application is approved, MPNP will mail you a nomination package that includes your Approval Letter, instructions for submitting a Canadian permanent resident visa application and invitation to continue your settlement planning using the MPNP Pre-arrival Workbook.

Next step is to apply to the Canadian Government as Permanent Resident.

Specific steps for Manitoba Provincial Nominees for Permanent Resident Application

  • You must include a copy of your MPNP approval letter in your PR visa application.
  • Follow all directions in your approval letter, paying particular attention to the date: your nomination is valid for six months.
  • You must submit to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) your visa application, complete with IRCC fees before your nomination expires; if you do not, IRCC will not accept your application. (Fees: Principal Applicant – $500CAD, Spouse – $500CAD,  Each Dependant – $150CAD)
  • During the visa process, you must notify both IRCC and the MPNP of address or family changes.
  • Nominees currently working in Manitoba: do not let your work permit expire.
  • Once you receive from IRCC your permanent resident status you must notify the MPNP.

If you applied through Express Entry, you had to complete your Medical Exam and submit copies of your Police Certificates to CIC when you applied.

 If you applied through the paper-based process, you will be told when to submit these to CIC.

Note: IRCC is only the new name for CIC but overall it is the same.

Step 6 Confirmation of Permanent Residence (PR)

If your PR application is approved, CIC will ask for your passport, or a photocopy of your passport, depending on if you are from a country where you need a visa to visit Canada.

You will be asked to pay your Right of Permanent Residence fee ($490CAD) if you have not already done this.

Then, they will issue you a Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) and a permanent resident visa, if you are from a country where you need a visa.

Step 7 Visa on Hand

 When you have your Visa, you have 6 months to come to Canada before it expires. Attend all the recommended Pre- Departure Seminars to be well-informed and well-prepared.  Research some resources on how to help you get ready for life in Canada.

Overall Time Duration:

(Assuming EOI is drawn within a year and all documents are completed) – 2 years

Total Funds needed as of January 2017 (in order):

  • Language exams: IELTS fee – vary from country to country (Phils – P9,780.00)
  • Fees for Valid Documents like Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates etc. – varies
  • Settlement funds – $10,000CAD for principal applicant + $2000CAD each dependant
  • Proposed MPNP fee (to start on April 2017) – approximately $500CAD
  • IRCC Fees – $500CAD each for Spouse and Principal Applicant, $150 each dependant
  • RPRF – $490CAD
  • Medical Exam Fees and Police Certificates – Varies
  • Plane Ticket – varies but approximately $1,000US each adult. Children are discounted. Babies are free.

Welcome to Canada!


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