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Numbers of Provincial Nominees found outside the nominating province



As I researched the consequences of Provincial Nominees (PN) moving to another province, it led me to this article. I found out at the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website that they have statistics on provincial nominees who moved out to their original province of destination.

Provincial nominees are immigrants nominated by the province or territory of Canada. They have provided skills, education and work experience that can be contributed to the provincial economy.  They had stated their intentions to live there permanently .

However, due to XYZ reasons, those nominees have changed their intentions to live permanently in the province that nominated them. As a result, they move and try to settle to another province. But the government can track them if they want.

Here are some charts and statistics regarding the matter:


Just under 20,000 of the tax filers found in the IMDB landed in Canada under the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) from 2000 to 2006 and filed a tax return for the 2006 tax year.  Of these, 67% were nominated by Manitoba, 14% were nominated by the Atlantic provinces, 8% were nominated by British Columbia, 6% were nominated by Saskatchewan and 5% were nominated by Alberta. IMDB data for the 2006 tax year reflected that 23% of PNP filers were found in provinces different from their original nominating province11 in the 2006 tax year.

– from CIC,  The Interprovincial Mobility of Immigrants in Canada




Although the records are based on the years of 2000-2006, they might update this soon. If you remember, they conducted the  recent Census ( and  recent National Conversation on Immigration ( They might release new rules on this matter.

In conclusion, mobility patterns of immigrants analyzed in this statistics mirrored some trends found in the Canada general population. These studies on the demographic and other characteristics of immigrant movers could enrich this analysis and further provide the vehicle for understanding the factors why the provincial nominees are moving out from their nominated province. The uneven spread in retention rates of immigrants across the provinces and the varying flows of immigrant interprovincial migrants based on their original province of destination affect the general population.

Does it mean, a provincial nominee is allowed to move to another province? Are there any consequences? Is this the reason why it’s getting harder and harder to apply thru PNP? Are the provinces making measures for the retention of their immigrants? Stay tuned for my next article and let’s discuss these questions comprehensively.



CIC Website – The Interprovincial Mobility of Immigrants in Canada




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