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Yay or Nay: Some Clinic in Canada Offers Diagnostic Test at a Cost


Canada is known as one of the few countries with a universal healthcare system. This is generally a good thing but there is a downside to it. Wait times for medical appointments and/or treatments remain a small price to pay for universal health care.

On average, some wait times for certain diagnostic tests can be months while for medical treatments can reach a year. Most people can afford to wait but there are those ones who cannot because of their conditions.

The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA) reported that for some diagnostic tests such as echocardiogram and ultrasound, the average wait time can reach 39 weeks or 10 months. They are now considering to extend hours and start booking weekend hours at the Health Sciences Centre and St. Boniface just to help cut down the wait times in the city.

Fortunately, the Manitoba clinic, along Sherbrook street, has started to offer diagnostic tests. There is a catch though, patients will have to pay out of their own pockets. Another place that offers special medical testing for a fee is the Prota Clinic at its Winnipeg clinic near Linden Woods where they offer echocardiograms and ultrasound testing.

If a patient decides not wait, an echocardiogram at the Prota Clinic will cost around $650 while an ultrasound will be about $500.


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