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OFW Story: Dianne 3:16 – Sacrifice now, enjoy later


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I am Dianne and here is my story under the book of Dianne Article 3 Verse 16 of revised King Jonats Version

It has been 25 years since i turned down probably the biggest opportunity that I’ll ever have in my life, to migrate and work in Canada. That decision was so tough but I did it for several reasons. We were only a few years into marriage and I know that it will be hard for us relationship-wise and also, it was only months since I gave birth to my only child who later became an OFW to Canada. She had a twins, oh wait, she only have one left.

With the increasing number of Overseas Filipino Workers, I saw more and more children, especially my friend’s children, grow without the necessary parental supervision from a mother, a father, or both. I pity the kids who have no parents to attend a PTA meeting, no parents to defend or discipline the child whenever they get into trouble, no shoulder to lean on whenever the child needs love and support but most of all I pity the parents because they have to
sacrifice even when the price of that sacrifice is their personal relationship. #Envy One by one, my friends petitioned their children along with their partners to live with them in Canada and enjoy the luxury of a new house and a new car. I admit, I was envious about it and I regret not taking the chance to go abroad. Let’s just put it this way, their success became my inspiration.

A few years passed and my daughter finally found a partner and I became a grandmother! That was one of the best feelings in the world! Add the fact that my daughter gave birth to twins and I’m certain that I’m the happiest person that day. Even though the couple don’t have stable jobs I always tell them that having a complete family is so much more than money. Not unlike other rich families who have all the money in the world but have bad family relationships.

One day, the twins got really sick and we are in a tight situation back then so we had to go through all our friends here and abroad to borrow money. I also asked them if they can somehow refer my daughter to any job agency in Canada. Fortunately, everything went well and the twins regained their health.

To make the long story short, she was able to work abroad but the downside is she left her family back in the Philippines and eventually her husband left them taking one of the twins with him.

“Your children need your presence more than your presents”. This is my favorite quote before. I am a firm believer that it is alright not to be well off in life as long as you and your family are complete. Well, in some cases that is true but if you can sacrifice now then pay later, do it.

If only I took the chance to work abroad, my children wouldn’t need to sacrifice.
If only I took the chance to work abroad, maybe their marriage would still be intact.
If only I took the chance to work abroad, maybe they would still have a complete family.
If only I took the chance to work abroad, I wouldn’t be a burden to them.
If only I took the chance to work abroad, we would all be together enjoying life even though its tough.
But if I did take the chance to work abroad, maybe I wouldn’t have a husband and all of this wouldn’t even materialize! Hahaha.

Now if I were you, I would grab even the slightest hinch of opportunity whenever it presents itself. Sacrifice (abroad) now, and pay later, no let me reword that, enjoy later. It’s true. When you sacrifice now by working abroad, if you have to, then by all means do it. Everyone will have the life that is due to them and everyone will reap what they sow if they sow it tirelessly. The phrase “pagkatapos ng hirap ay sarap” is definitely true, add the belief that God never fails to bless you especially when you are faithful to Him then you are up for a beautiful and rewarding life ahead of you. Your children shouldn’t have to sacrifice to achieve the life that you want. Make sacrifices now so that you and your children can have the life that all of you deserve. As my dear friend always tell me: Don’t make your children as your retirement plan. Yes, we have said and we will say it again, having a child is not like having a retirement plan that would secure you for the future. Making sure that someone will take care of them financially has long been a traditional Filipino norm. However, this is not the job of our children. We should not force them to take on a responsibility that they would not take. Our job is to love and support them unconditionally without expecting something in return. First and foremost, securing our future is our duty while we are still in good condition. And wouldn’t it be so nice and sweet when your very children would voluntarily help you without you asking for it? That would probably the greatest evidence of your parenthood success when the love you shelled out was being returned to you tenfold.

If you’re an avid fan of the noontime phenomenon AlDub, this may not be applicable to you. I just want to refute the famous Lola Nidora’s line that everyone should wait for the “tamang panahon”, in fact never be stagnant about it. If you have the golden opportunity, never hesitate to grab it. However it would be more inapplicable just like miss pastillas girl, being matched just to whoever. Just like going abroad. Don’t choose just any agency or any boss just to go overseas or worst marrying … no, baka makasakit tayo #wagganun But who am i to give out advice? Even i didn’t take the risks. My point is don’t make your life like Kalyeserye. Alright, my story’s drifting already. I’ll end it here.

P.s. There’s no part 2. So please share away! And also, just a quick update, i am now here in Winnipeg. I was sponsored by my daughter. The cold wasn’t too bad in some cases but I’d rather choose and endure this than to go back to poverty.


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