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Lucky Draw for Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship Update


The Government of Canada as made significant changes on the Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship Program. In keeping with the Liberal Party’s pledge to double the 5,000 cap, accepting 10,000 applicants this year is the best change they have made. Another change that everyone has been asking for is the shorter processing time. In order to do so, the application process has been revamped to accommodate more applicants in a shorter amount of time through online application and random draw.

The whole new process and changes has been implemented on January 2017 with online submissions closed on February 2017. It has been two months since then and everyone is anxious about the results of the draw. Well, you don’t have to wait much linger because it seems that IRCC has started sending notifications to the chosen applicants. Make sure you check your email inbox!

The lucky 10,000 applicants are composed of not just Pinoys and they are all aspiring to be reunited with their parents and grandparents in Canada. We have confirmed 5 Pinoys who were fortunately selected in the draw. They have shared that in the email notification that they received, they were sent forms and list of requirements to fill up and submit within the next 3 months.

Based on some of the sponsors’ profiles, there really are no clear factors for the selection. See for yourself:

Profile 1: Wewe Antonio-Vea, Winnipeg
Years in Canada: 7
Status: Permanent Resident
Sponsee: Mother (55 years old)

Profile 2: Juline Payumo, Winnipeg (Photo Credit – Approved Letter)
Years in Canada: 10
Status: Citizen
Sponsee: Grandparents (70 years old)

Profile 3: Aris Matuloy, Winnipeg
Years in Canada: 4
Status: Permanent Resident
Sponsee: Parents

Here is a sample email sent to one of the chosen applicants:

and below is the rejected one or unsusccessfukl.

If you are one of the chosen applicants, you can join the Facebook group to converse with other chosen applicants.
FB GROUP or search 2017 Parent/Grandparents Sponsorship

PhotoCredit: Google Image

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