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Pinay in Canada half paralyzed, expired work permit , family seeks assistance


A very unusual misfortune struck Wednesday afternoon last January 4 after a fellow kababayan became bedridden after going in for a simple check-up a few days after people around the world rang in the new year.

Jenilyn Soler Pabrua,  TFW, who is 33 years old and lives in 398 Tesdale Drive, Red Deer Alberta was rushed to the hospital via an ambulance when her sister found her alone with her eyes and mouth wide open and she was not responding. After some immediate tests ran by the doctors, it was found out that she had a sever meningitis and many other symptoms that have been discovered. Doctors scanned her brain after suspicious symptoms that surfaced during the tests and they then found out that she actually had a blood clot from her neck up to her head that could be the reason why she was seen unresponsive and paralyzed. The doctors immediately called the hospital in a more urban city in Calgary and requested an air lift through an air ambulance when they acknowledged that she is indeed paralyzed from the whole left side of her body.

According to the story recounted by her sister, Jenilyn was checked-up at around 9am in the morning of January 4 at the walk-in clinic at the Associate Clinic in Bower Mall. She was given 200mg of Advil to alleviate her headaches while she was given Gravol to treat for her nausea. It was 4pm in the afternoon when the following mishap happened.

Jenilyn is a Filipino Foreign Worker who is currently waiting for the restoration of her working permit and because of that, she doesn’t have a valid Alberta Health coverage or Blue Cross or any other insurance. She is still currently in ICU with no changes whatsoever in her condition. There has been several attempts to remove the blood that clumped up from her neck but only to no avail, the clot keeps on coming back and half of her body is still paralyzed.

A GoFundMe account has been set up for Jenilyn and her kind family is humbly asking for any monetary help to cover the expenses for her hospitalization that continues to increase by the second. Any amount given will be highly appreciated. Thank you very much
To donate, click the link of her GoFundMe account here



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