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Pinay in Canada wins lotto, loses a friend


Enone Rosas and Hermenisable Toca are two immigrants who met at a school in Vancouver, Canada back in 2004. They became best of friends since then that their husbands also became friends. They would all get together two or three times a week to play cards. After years of friendship, no one expected what happened next.

On January 2007, Rosas won the Lotto amounting to $4.163 Million. She was so generous that she shared her good fortune with friends. She helped out a good friend to buy a house, Toca. They even celebrated together after the house has been purchased.

Rosas claimed that she lent Toca $570,000 to buy a house and gave her a gift amounting to $30,000. That time, Toca promised to repay the borrowed money in a year’s time. The time of collection came and the money is nowhere to be found.

After numerous attempts of collecting, Rosas finally filed a court claim to help her collect. Toca claimed that the entire money was a gift but it was deemed untrue because another good friend received a much smaller amount. The loan was proven true as a term loan but the collection was a tad too late. The loan was made on January 10, 2008 while the court claim was made on July 2014. She was six months late in filing the claim since there is a six-year limitation period to file a civil action on a debt.

It is normal to see friendships tested like this but it is sad that there are friendships that cannot survive. At least we know that loans and debts have periods to collect set in law. Also, we learn to be smarter when we lend or borrow money from friends or even family.


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