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Pinoy Basketball never stops.., even in Canada


“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.†- Helen Keller

Regina Filipino Sports/Community Inc. (RFSI) is a registered non-profit community organization in Regina, Saskatchewan. Its primary purpose is to enhance the quality of life of Filipino’s living in Regina by providing access to sports, recreational, and cultural experience especially for the newcomers. RFSI Community activities help old/newcomers and their families meet more Filipinos and ease their transition into their new “home.†I remember when RFSI first started in 2009 with a small group of Filipino basketball enthusiasts playing twice a week at the little gym in the Wascana Rehabilitation Centre. Then, RFSI has been registered as a community organization in July 2010.

In August 2010, with the rapid increase in the number of Filipinos arriving in Regina, SK the group has decided to start an All Filipino basketball league with a purpose of meeting more newcomers while playing the most popular sport in the Philippines. I was very excited to play in RFSI 1st All Filipino Men’s Basketball league consisting of 6 teams, supported by former Philippine Association of Saskatchewan (PAS) president Sonny de Paz, organized by Nick, Nino, Kuya Cesar, Jeff, Adrian, Makoy, Jhun, and Mike plus with the help of families and friends. I still smile every time I remember the gym filled with people cheering for their teams mostly friends and family members. The next leagues also became more exciting when out of town teams from Saskatoon and Weyburn played in 2011 and 2012.

With the help of longtime friends, Team Captain Soniel Andrada, Joe Bacalso, Dennis dela Cruz, Nigel Tan, Kit Ocampo and many more, the RFSI league continuous to grow with an average of more than 10 All Filipino teams participating each year. With so many teams taking part, those who are interested in the WNBA might want to make their own fantasy wnba team. RFSI organizes All Filipino basketball leagues from January to March (winter) and August to October (summer) at the Regina Christian School gym and Laval HS gym


This basketball sport event brings Filipino families together. Dad’s playing basketball; Mom’s cheering while chatting with friends, and most importantly children are playing in the foyer during winter season and outside in the playground during the summer season. Basketball, as a sport does not, limits itself to Filipino families but has been bringing people from around the world together for years. The sport also tends to be popular among the ones who might want to indulge in Layton card breaks and other card-breaking sites. More often than not, fans and players alike look for regular breaks from different websites to collect cards from their favorite players and teams. There are so many other things that come with basketball, for example, you could check out something like these nba jerseys that are the most popular to show you why people love the sport so much.

To further meet new Filipinos and pass on our culture to the younger generations particularly for the children who are born here in Canada. In January 2012, RFSI started the Regina Filipino Language School (RFLS) supported by SOHL and Ministry of Education. We had the language school running in the same building where we have our basketball leagues. Teacher Amy, Elvira and Carina organized the school’s program with the help of Gazelle, Gena and Glenda. The school’s vision is to foster individual growth and self-awareness of the Filipino children in Regina by:

•Developing a sense of pride in one’s own self-identity as a Filipino or being of Filipino heritage; and
•Passing on Filipino language and culture to Filipino children.

RFSI also organizes Kid’s Filipino Basketball camp to encourage the younger Filipino generation to play and enjoy the game we all love. It is a group of all Filipino Kid’s ages 5-10 years old passionately learning basketball while having fun. The camp teaches basic basketball skills and most importantly provides our children the opportunity to meet more Filipino friends. This RFSI event is also the loudest and most popular event I’ve ever participated. Parents and the whole family cheering for their young ones while taking pictures and videos. It is priceless to watch your child makes his first basket or just merely touch the ball. My son Nico has never ending stories of the game and eagerly waits for the next camp.

tfsi02RFSI also organizes a Regina Filipino Master’s (40+) Basketball League, a league for the young at heart and still “got gameâ€, this league promotes friendship and the opportunity for this age group to have fun and still play the game we all love. It’s really fun to watch our kuya (older brother) and tito (uncle) playing and having fun on the court. They are usually our coaches and mentors in basketball but this league it’s all about showing us how it’s really DONE!!!

More RFSI Activities:

? Filipino’s are car enthusiasts by heart. They clean their cars whenever they get a chance. Buy nice rims, subs, install lowering springs, and buy all sorts of car accessories to customize their car in their own style. This event proves that besides basketball Filipino’s are also passionate with their cars!!! This event was headed by Kenneth Cadorna of the Regina Filipino Car Club (RFCC). I was really amazed on the number of cars that participated and is looking forward in our next car meet hopefully in 2015.

Regina Filipino “Mixed “Volleyball League (RFVL) with the help of Renzo, Renzy, Michael, Brian, Markie, Gazelle and Kit Ocampo’s Sports photography. It is a team of mixed men and women volleyball players competitively contending while having fun. As by far the most exciting and intense RFSI event I’ve ever watched. Each team involves the whole family or group of friends playing together.

Regina Filipino Men’s Volleyball League for the hard hitting/high leaping male volleyball enthusiasts. This made me realized that volleyball is both physical and technical sport which involves a lot of jumping, digging, running and techniques. Games are very exciting to watch.

Regina Filipino Community/Sports (RFSI) activities provide an opportunity for all ages old and newcomers to meet and have fun while being physically active. RFSI events truly brings a lot of Filipino’s together that every time when I’m in the gym full of Filipino’s it almost feels like “I’m homeâ€.

We are truly blessed with families and friends who are willing to help out and make a difference in the Regina community. Please contact RFSI at [email protected] if you are interested in participating or volunteering in any of the activities mentioned.

Maraming Salamat po (Thank you) Happy 2015!!!

RFSI Family


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