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Pinoy Bus driver assaulted, spits on his face


A disagreement that was caught on camera ended in a nasty physical altercation involving a Filipino Winnipeg Transit driver and a 29-year-old man near Polo Park around 4:30 pm, Wednesday, August 4.

According to the police report, the commotion started when a passenger disagreed to pay the bus fare and was confronted by the bus driver. Bystanders and the passengers of the bus said that the aggravated passenger provoked the bus driver when he started yelling and ultimately swung a water bottle at the driver.

The bus driver politely told the passenger to get off but the passenger spit on the driver and eventually the commotion escalated to a brawl.

The 29-year-old male passenger was arrested and charged with assault and is currently under police custody.

The transit driver is not expected to face any charges according to a Winnipeg police spokesperson. “I wanna make sure that what actually happened is shown and I just did not expect that it would escalate this much”, Jeri Stern, the man who shot the video, told CTV news.

According to the Filipino driver, he has been driving for 10 years. “Everyday, we are receiving assaults but only verbal assaults and I was already immune to it.” – he added. However, this is the first time he experienced such kind of assault.

Source: CTV news

Watch the video here or click below

Video Source: CBC News


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