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Pinoy-Canada’s Most Read Articles in 2015


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This is Pinoy-Canada’s most read articles in 2015. is a one stop shop for Filipinos in Canada. It is a website with lots of stories, news, and updates related to Filipino personal experiences in immigrating and living in Canada.

Here’s a 2015 recap of most viewed stories and news in the website and guess what is the number one of it all.

Top 10 Stories – these are from OFW Stories and Immigrant Tips.

10) Maximizing the Free benefits for the new immigrant in Canada

This story is from a 5-month-old immigrant sharing experiences on how to get the free benefits. Very fresh and very true! Click the link to read the article.

No. of views: 14797

9) Immigrating to Canada #3 – How much does it cost?

 It is part of the article series immigrating to Canada. It is very helpful and useful information especially for those who wants to immigrate to Canada. Follow the link to read.

No. of Views: 15833

8) Kabayan Tipid (Savings Tips)

 This is an awesome, smart and practical Saving Tips when living in Canada. It is very informative and encouraging. Click the link to know more about the tips.

No. of Views: 16151

7) Coming to Canada in 6 months

 Step by step guidelines on how to come in Canada in 6 months, very informative. Follow the link to read the article.

No. of Views: 21700

6) Living in Canada – Tips for the Householder and the House “Border”

This article is all about the truth behind the relationship of Sponsors and applicants who lived with them for a while. Follow the link for the whole story.

No. of Views: 22309

5) 5 things that a Permanent Resident Should Remember

These are some reminders for those with PR card. Follow the link for the whole story.

No. of Views: 22474

4) Success Story: Filipina found more success in Winnipeg

This is a very inspiring story especially for those dreaming of coming here in Winnipeg or Canada. Click the link to read the whole story.

No of Views: 25237

3) Pros and Cons of Canada

One of the best articles here, it determines the advantages and disadvantages of living in Canada. Follow the link to read the story.

No. of Views: 39729

2) What Filipino habit you should NOT bring in Canada

This is the most controversial and very interesting article of in 2015. If you want to know why, click and read it here.

No of Views: 123049


and the top one is…..


1) What Canadians Think of Filipinos

“You laughed at every single one of these statements and couldn’t believe how true they are! Tatay keeps on asking me why I’m smiling at my phone while I’m reading this.. Haha!! Nice!! And true!!” – from one of the readers’ comments, to read the full details click here.


Furthermore, here are some Top 10 News and Updates – articles about current events and immigration programs that has become trending to the Filipinos living in Canada.

10) Jollibee is coming to town! – Toronto First

No. of Views: 14793

9) 11 Canadian Provinces that offer Provincial Nominee Program

No. of Views: 18260

8)  Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship to reopen in Jan. 2016

No. Views: 18496

7) Changes in the Process of Application Intake to MPNP

No. of Views: 24037

6)  April 1, 2015, temporary foreign worker deportations, and a note of caution to those happy about TFWs leaving.

No. of  Views: 38069

5) This 2015, Jollibee to open not only in Toronto, but also 4 other cities. Guess where

No. of Views: 40644

4) MPNP Application Reopens. New Requirements? Check this out

No. of Views: 55395

3) Mayweather Backs Outs; Fight of the Century

No. of Views: 57905

2) Justin Trudeau “Real Change” on Immigration System

No of Views: 60784

1) Changes in the Rules of Getting and Keeping your Canadian Citizenship

No. of Views: 100297


Happy reading everyone!


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