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Pinoy Canadians Triumph in the First International Snow Sculpting Competition


The Snow Days celebration is a 12-day annual event every January held in the Banff National Park of Alberta. The event showcases the activities and festivities during the winter season. This year, the main attraction on display were the massive snow sculptures in downtown Banff which are part of the first International Snow Sculpting Competition.

Team Baisas, a group of four Filipino-Canadians, was part  of the competition along with five other international competitors. They were hailed the winner of the First International Snow-Sculpting Competition held at the Snow Days Festival in Banff in Alberta last month.

The group is composed of couples Ross and Marites Baisas and Antonio and Maria Elena Baisas won the competition with their snow sculpture masterpiece called “Tangle.” The sculpture depicted real Canadian elements: two moose with inter-locking antlers surrounded by maple leaves.

The Baisas brothers, Ross and Antonio, are known for their talent when it comes to sculpting no matter the material. They come from a family of wood carvers from Paete, Laguna. Antonio came to Canada in 1996 and Ross followed Ross in 2002. Antonio and Maria Elena are now residents of Ottawa, while Ross and Marites are based in Montreal. This is their first competition with their wives.

The two brothers have been competing for more than 15 years now all over the world. They have competed and won ice and snow sculpting competitions in the US, Europe and Canada. Their accomplishments have highlighted the artistic talents of the Filipinos and the Filipino-Canadian community supports them wholeheartedly.

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