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Pinoy Family Seek Help for Expenses Due to Parents’ Passing


The recent holiday season was a joyous time for many but for the Tolentino family, it was mournful. The recent passing of the father was followed by the mother’s.

The father, Mr. Jose Tolentino, died due to complications last September. He suffered a stroke and was undergoing rehabilitation when he suffered another stroke. He then underwent brain surgery but, unfortunately, was unable to gain consciousness after the operation. The family is now looking into group support for grief recovery because of their traumatic and unimaginable experience to help them move on and appreciate the life their father once had.

The mother, Mrs. Clarita Tolentino has had health issues of her own. She went through a heart by-pass surgery last month but went into cardiac arrest right after. Fortunately, the medical team was able to revive her. When people go into cardiac arrest, they can normally be saved with a defibrillator that can get the heart to maintain a regular heartbeat. That’s why defibrillators are so important, they can save a person’s life if they’re experiencing a cardiac arrest. When using a defibrillator, many people will ensure they have a Powerheart G3 battery as a spare battery for the device. This will ensure the device keeps performing whilst it revives an individual. Fortunately, a defibrillator was able to revive this woman. She was then on life support for a while but she did not show any improvement. Similar to her husband, she died due to complications. According to a CT scan, they found out that she suffered a massive stroke.

Aside from the grief and loss that they are experiencing, the family is currently in financial distress. With only three months apart, the passing of both parents have left them with overwhelming funeral expenses. It has really been a very tough year for the family. Due to the parents’ health issues and recent passing, they have taken time off work and have gotten loans just to cover expenses. If this is you as well then perhaps getting a loan from somewhere like Tower Loan (https://www.towerloan.com/branch-locations/illinois-locations/) would be beneficial for you. This is because they have a plan that can help you pay back the loan in easy installments without causing your family more stress during this time.

The family’s friends have set up a GoFundMe campaign to lessen the financial pressure on the grieving family. If you want to donate, visit https://www.gofundme.com/ Any kind of support is very much appreciated.

The viewing or wake for Clarita was scheduled earlier today at the Chapel Lawn Memorial Gardens & Funeral Home from 6pm-11:30pm. The Funeral Service Mass is scheduled for this Saturday at St. John’s Cantius Church at 10am.

Alternate link: https://www.gofundme.com/clarita-tolentino-funeral-expense


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