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Pinoy Pride: top 10 reasons why does Canada love to accept Filipino immigrants

There are around 700,000+ people of Filipino descent living in Canada as of the 2011 National Household Survey (NHS). This comprises about 1.9% of the Canadian population which makes Filipinos the largest Southeast Asian group in Canada (Filipinos only rank 3rd in the Asian-Canadian group category in after the Indians and the Chinese). However, this number is still rapidly increasing due to the change of Canada’s immigration laws which tends to be more liberal than before but the big question is, why does Canada love to accept Filipino immigrants? Fyi, based on the NHS, there has been 321,742 new permanent residents from the Philippines that landed in Canada!

Anyway, there are a ton of reasons why Filipinos love to go to Canada and why the Canadian Government just love accepting Filipinos to the land deemed as the True North but we listed the top 10 reasons why Filipinos and Canada is just so compatible.

1. Hospitality

This is probably the most popular trait of the Filipino people. This has been emphasized again and again in numerous blogs, articles and whatnot and that’s because WHY NOT!? This is at the top spot of our list because it is absolutely the truest trait of a legit Pinoy. Filipinos are naturally friendly, generous and welcoming to anyone, foreigners and locals alike. Filipinos receive their guests, and strangers even, in the most pleasant and warmest way possible! We are known to go out of our own way just to make our guests feel comfortable and “at home”. I mean, who else does that? Well, we Filipinos do!

2. Resilient and Adaptable

We combined these two because they both go hand in hand as another Filipino trait. Well, we Filipinos have experienced the toughest calamities and the gruelest of battles and adversities and yet we never gave up. We went through disaster upon disaster and yet we showed our resilient and indomitable spirit amidst everything and no matter the obstacle the tries to hinder us, we continue to adapt and push through life. Even when we first landed on a foreign land, we adapted, however slow the process might have been for some of us, we stood tall.

3. Creative and Resourceful

Just like being resilient and adaptable, Filipinos are also renowned for being creative and resourceful along with ingenuity. Being creative means having the ability to see things in a new and unusual way, kind of like having a different perspective something which is definitely true for us Filipinos because even with little to no resources we can make things work. This is also essential for every country regardless of its financial strength and stability, a perfect match with Canadians.

4. Loyal and Trustworthy

One of the biggest traits that fascinates not just the Canadian Government but also attracts other foreign employers worldwide is the fact that Filipinos are known for being some of the world’s most loyal and trustworthy people in all aspects of life. Whether it be about love (Pinoys and Pinays are very loyal to their partners) or especially about their occupation, Filipino loyalty and honesty are second to none. This is maybe due to the fact that Filipinos put so much value to their work which makes us even more invaluable as employees.

5. Unity

The bayanihan spirit is one of the most appreciated trait of the Filipino everywhere around the globe. This trait was on full display during the 1986 EDSA People Power Revolution when more than 2 million Filipinos joined together for a sustained campaign of civil resistance to oust President Marcos out of power. Prayers were offered and not a single blood was shed during the revolt leaving the whole world in awe of the Filipino unity. Anyway, we Filipinos exemplify unity not just in ousting corrupt leaders but also in helping one another in dire situations. Take natural calamities for example, every time that the Philippines is hit by a typhoon we always rally together in relief operations and rescue mission helping and offering everything we have to help others. #ProudPinoy

6. Polite and Courteous

Filipinos are also some of the most polite and courteous people ever. Back in the Philippines, we never forget to add “po” or “opo” whenever we talk to someone older or someone in authority or even while addressing customers or clients. It’s just sad there’s no english equivalent for those words but its alright because make up for it through our words and actions. Another thing that is worth noticing is our knack of saying “sorry” even though we did not do something wrong. Much like Canadians, we Filipinos are addicted to saying sorry for things that are really not a big thing. This is mainly because we have a culture of being polite and puts respect to other people above anything else. ++ points for Canadian compatibility *wink wink*

7. Family Oriented

Filipinos are naturally family oriented people. Family comes first above all else for us Filipinos. We do everything and anything for our families even if sacrifices have to be made which in most cases is always made. From our conception to the time we grow up and start to build our own family, we form tight-knit relationships with our family, relationships that stand through the test of time and is basically indestructible. In fact, we are so close with our fam that even when we become adults we don’t leave our parent’s house unlike other Western cultures where a person moves out of their home as soon as they turn 18. That just goes to show how important a family is in the Filipino culture much like the Canadians for sure.

8. Jolly

Known as the country of smiles, we Filipinos know how to be happy, jolly, and/or merry. We even have a very famous fast food restaurant named after jolliness! Yes, its JOLLIBEE! If that doesn’t show how happy we are as a people, I don’t know what will ? I mean, where else in the world can you find something like that? (P.S. Jollibee is coming to Canada!!!!) We naturally have a good sense of humor and we just love to smile, smile and laugh our problems away. You would see a very good example of that when we are faced with calamities. For example, whenever there’s a news report about a typhoon and the reporter is at the scene, I guarantee that you would see people lurking at the back of the reporter smiling and waving their hands out of excitement and shouting “sikat na ako!” or “artista na ako” even though they just went through the most unimaginable things. I guess that’s just how we were made by God. When He showered happiness into the Earth, I’m sure we were at the very front of the line. ?

9. Big Heart

Ever wondered why the Philippine Men’s National Basketball Team’s slogan is “Laban Pilipinas! PUSO!”? Well, it’s because Filipinos have a very very big heart. While the Philippines may not be very big or very rich either, but the heart of the Filipino sure is. We put all our heart into whatever that we’re doing that we always push through no matter the cost and no matter the defeats. We show compassion to others even when we were done wrong or have little for ourselves. We embody the word determination as we go through life’s ups and downs all shouting “puso!” whatever the things that might happen. This is the true Filipino.

Can you comment below what should be the number 10?

PhotoCredit: 204FM admins – Filipina Immigrants

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