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Pinoy Son Dies in Calgary, Mom Seeks Help to Send Remains to Manila

A loss of a child is a pain all bereaved parents share. It is very difficult for a parent to cope this loss because it also comes with the loss of hope, dreams and expectation for their child.

Rachelle Tamondong Brown was a health care aide at the AgeCare Seton nursing home in Calgary, Canada. She was able to bring her only son, Sean, to Canada for a better life. Sean worked as a baker at Cobbs Shawnessy and food server at AgeCare Walden. They didn’t have any relatives in Canada so they were renting a basement unit while they both work to save up.

On the fateful night of January 18th, Sean passed away. Rachelle is in a very tough spot right now and is left with no one here in Canada. She would like to fly her son’s body back home to Manila where his final resting place will be

Unfortunately, it is not easy to earn a living while grieving your son’s death. There is a GoFundMe campaign here that welcomes any amount of financial support for Rachelle and Sean. May we include Rachelle and Sean in our prayers that they both find comfort and peace in people’s generosity and God’s providence.

or click here GO FUND ME

Meanwhile, if you are from Calgary or AB, please join our FB group here.

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