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Pinoy Store Clerk’s Murderer in Canada Found Guilty


Two Mac’s convenience store clerks, including a Pinoy named Ricky Cenabre, were killed on Dec. 18, 2015 at two different locations in Edmonton, Alberta. According to Police reports, there were three suspects who were charged in the deaths of the two store clerks.

On May 1, one of the three suspects, Colton Steinhauer (30y/o), was found guilty of two counts of first-degree murder. The verdict comes with a  life sentence. The judge will make the final decision on whether Steinhauer should serve his sentences consecutively or concurrently. Sentencing will be in early September.

Masked Steinhauer, Laylin Delorme and a 13-year-old boy entered a Mac’s store in southeast Edmonton armed with a gun and a large bladed weapon. They took money and cigarettes from the store then they attacked the first victim, Karanpal Bhanghu, and shot him dead.

The three drove to another Mac’s store where Cenabre works at. They robbed and assaulted the Pinoy immigrant and then Steinhauer shot him which killed him.

They were caught when the three got McDonalds takeout and were eating in the car when police officer noticed the distinctive bomber-style jacket Steinhauer was wearing from security footage. There was a high-speed chase which ended when their car crashed on under an overpass, according to the reports.


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