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Pinoy Vlogger in Canada wins $5M lotto


The odds of winning in the 6/49 lottery is 1 in 13,983,816. Who would’ve known that an unassuming North York family would hit the winning combination and bring home $5 million? That’s a mother lode, enough to set the household on a path of financial security. That is if they use their winnings wisely.

Marlon Llido – vlogger/Truck Driver migrated to Canada a dozen years ago and has played the Lotto 6/49 Classic Jackpot ever since. Life was not always rosy for the Llido household, with the senior Llido working for a logistics company. One can only imagine how hitting the jackpot could turn the family’s lives around for the better.

How Llido guessed the winning combination would not surprise some lotto players. Although most would study patterns in past winning combinations, others would stick to an age-old formula of using noteworthy dates and figures to bet on. That’s precisely what the senior Llido did, focusing on significant family dates.

The family’s fortune almost took a dramatic hit. The elder Llido thought the number combination yielded a five-thousand-dollar reward when he checked the Lotto 6/49 Classic results with the OLG app on Thanksgiving Day.

He was ecstatic knowing they won five grand and that Llido rushed to his wife to show her the ticket. Only then did he learn he missed three zeroes in the number string.

In retrospect, Llido believed fate intervened. The family once joked about how winning five million dollars would be the magic number in their lotto-betting adventures. They no longer have to dream. Instead, the Llido household is taking their time to decide how to use the five-million-dollar winnings.

Two things are sure. First, they will invest some of their fortunes to guarantee a brighter future for their children. Second, a family celebration is in the works. After all, the Llido family deserves a bit of pampering.

Marlon Llido was a vlogger who deleted his social media profiles after winning the $5M jackpot. And you probably know why. Now if I may ask, which would you choose – $5M Lotto winnings or 5 million followers? Let us know in the comments. Finally, share this post on social media today!

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