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Pinoy Wins $1M Lotto 6/49 in Canada

A Pinoy has become Alberta’s latest lottery millionaire. Rommel Nerona, an Edmonton resident, is just like the rest of us who tries his luck at buying lottery tickets for a chance to win. As luck would have it, he won a million dollars!

Nerona was having a normal Saturday, running errands with his family. As usual, he would check the Western Canada Lottery Corp. mobile app to see the winning lottery numbers. To his surprise, he just became the newest millionaire in Alberta thanks to a free LOTTO 6/49 ticket.

Nerona won his Lotto 6/49 free play on a previous draw. Luckily, that free play gave him his free ticket to a million dollars. The new millionaire exactly matched the winning guaranteed prize draw number – 39034875-01.

The happy winner said he has a couple plans for his winnings. He said he wanted to buy a house and a new car. “I also want to help out my parents and some relatives,” he added.

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