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#PinoyPride: Fil-Canadian Judge of the Superior Court of Justice in Ontario


Judge Steve Anthony Coroza was appointed a judge of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice (Brampton) in July of 2013. Before this appointment, he served with the Ontario Court of Justice (St. Catharines) since December of 2009. He was a federal prosecutor with the Department of Justice and Public Prosecution Service of Canada before his appointment to the bench.

This new post is considered as the highest position attained by a Filipino-Canadian in the Canadian judiciary. This is a success and pride that not only he and his family are proud of, it is an achievement all Filipinos around the world celebrates

While he was not born in the Philippines, he is one who has strongly identified and associated himself with the Filipinos. His parents met in Toronto as immigrants in the 70s. They have raised him and his sibling with Filipino values, emphasizing the importance of humility, generosity, hard work and education.

He obtained his Bachelor of Law Degree from the University of Windsor Law School in 1995 and was admitted to the Bar of Ontario in 1997. He also completed a Master of Laws degree at Osgoode Hall Law School in 2003.

Mr. Justice Coroza witnessed what his parents’ definition of hard work growing up. All his parents’ hard work and sacrifices paid off that when he was appointed as a judge to which his father has thanked him for.

He is a loyal husband to his wife, a nurse practitioner, and a dedicated father to his three children. His profession and the important responsibilities attached to it is definitely not easy. Being a family man, Mr. Justice Coroza finds it very challenging to preside over cases that involve family and children, but he stays objective and fair to carry out justice.

It is very comforting that no matter how successful he gets, Mr. Justice Coroza will always remember his association with the Filipino community in Canada, and he acknowledges the role it served in his success. He tries to give back to the community by finding time to make himself available for any community events where he may be invited to a speaking engagement as a guest or keynote speaker, or to hand out certificates.

Mr. Justice Coroza encourages the new generation of Filipino-Canadians to aim for leadership positions. This may include law, business, politics, and medicine. He believes that it is time to start promoting and pushing for leadership in the other fields.


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