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#PinoyPride Jeepney in Canada Back This Summer!


Summer is right around the corner. With Filipinos planning their summer getaways within and outside Canada, everyone is definitely looking forward to the Summer. However, another thing to absolutely look forward to is the return of the number one jeepney in Canada, Jeepney Jaytee!

Do not confuse this with the jeepney for public transportation. We are talking about the one and only Jeepney Jaytee Food Truck! Yes, it is indeed the Food Truck owned by Filipino, Nurse-turned-Entrepreneur, Jamie Balmores. It has won the best Food Truck awards for 2016 and 2017. If the winning streak continues, they can win the award this year as well.

I had a short conversation with Jamie, and the two of us hit if off right away. He loves to talk and I do too that is why our short conversation turned into an hour-long one. He was very enthusiastic and engaging as he shared his stories of how he started to follow his passion and, of course, how the Jeepney Food Truck began.


Jamie was a full-pledge Nurse in Canada when he felt the urge to take on a totally different career. He decided to pursue his passion and love for cooking. Within the past three years, he was able to build up a Food Truck business from scratch to a success. Now, Jeepney Jaytee is recognized by various media organizations in Edmonton and followed by hundreds of food-loving Filipinos and Edmontonians. Within a short period of time, he was able to introduce Filipino Food to everyine in Edmonton. According to Jamie, he owes his success to the help and support from his family.


Jeepney Jaytee offers the traditional Filipino favorites with a twist. What do we mean by twist? They have on their menu, Sisig Poutine and Crispy Kare-Kare. Not the usual items you see on the menu, right? Jeepney JayTee stays on top of its Food Truck game by serving the best Bistek Shawarma, Boracay Burger, Pork Isaw, and their specialty, Jeepney homemade Taho. They have introduced their famous Isaw, Sisig Tacos, Pancit, Kwek-Kwek, Halo-Halo, Embutido and Boneless Lechon to the people of Alberta. Our fellow Pinoys continue to flock their spot because of their best-selling authentic Ilocos Bagnet with garlic rice, bagoong, tomato, Mang Tomas or atchara on the side.


After Jamie’s success in the Food Truck business, he has started to gain popularity that he now have endorsements. His most recent endorsement is with “Jack and Jones” located at the West Edmonton Mall. When you enter the store, you will be welcomed by his huge posters wherein he was photographed wearing the collections of Jack and Jones. As a fellow Pinoy, doesn’t it give you a sense of pride? Pinoy Pride!


Recently, Jamie started doing some live videos on Facebook. I managed to watch most of his videos. They were a treat to watch because purpose is to give back to the community. He gives chances for his followers win prizes through his videos. If you want to win some, follow him and watch his videos.

Jamie is truly an inspiration to our fellow Filipinos in Canada. He has proven that if you love what you do and you are passionate enough about it, you can definitely achieve success. Edmonton is lucky to have Jeepney Jaytee in their area. Jamie is very proud and thankful to feel the support of his fellow Pinoys in Edmonton. In fact, he even shared in one of his posts that he feels no Crab Mentality among Filipinos there. How about in your City? Who inspires you? (Thought this is about the Crab Mentality? Nah! Good vibes only!)

Don’t forget to follow his page to be updated on Jeepney Jaytee’s stops this Summer!




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