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Pinoys Can Live Anywhere, even in the Coldest place on earth


Pinoys come from a tropical climate and yet the cold do not scare us. In fact, we love the cold and the snow fascinates us. To prove this as true, we discovered Rhose Harris-Galia’s story about her life in Canada that appears on

Rhose moved to Canada half-heartedly in 1990. She started out working as a nanny in Edmonton before she headed east thinking she was getting a new job at Banff. It was later on that she realized it was really in Baffin Island in the Canadian territory of Nunavut. It was the excitement and eagerness to face the unknown that motivated her to accept the move.

The first few weeks was difficult as she experienced culture shock but she pushed through it all. She learned a lot more of the culture and the history of the place. She also met more people both Inuits and Filipinos. They made her transition from a person who was “from away” to one who could call herself “Iqalummiut” easier.

In 2002, her nanny-hood was over and she went back to her first profession, nursing. She passed the board and worked as a nurse at Baffin Regional Hospital. She had gained experiences in the ward, the emergency room and the operating room ever since.

As years passed by, she began to start a family when she met her husband. Now, they have a house they call home together with their two kids. They have never gone back to the Philippines or moved someplace else. They stayed despite all the questions about why they stay and when they will b moving back to civilization.

In the Arctic, the Filipino population is slowly growing. Other immigrants find themselves easily adapting and loving the place because they get together and try their best to accept and blend in the existing culture yet still practicing their own cultures.

This is the Canadian way!

Source: CBC News



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