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#ProudlyPinoy: First Pinoy Aroma Chicken Flying High In Canada


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Filipino food is now gaining attention around Canada, especially in Winnipeg. In fact, because there is more than 10% of the population in Winnipeg that is composed of Filipinos, more and more Filipino restaurants have popped up and are continuing to pop up.

When you think of Filipino Food, you can’t help but think of Chicken. There is basically a hundred Filipino chicken recipes and the most famous one is the fried chicken. However, there is a new chicken recipe and is here to stay: AROMA CHICKEN!

Recently, BakeRite ─ a bakery owned by Emy Adao and Manny Adao ─ launched the first Aroma Chicken, pinoy tasting chicken in Winnipeg. The coupe emigrated just few years ago and just recently they ventured into a business and what a booming business they are in. From a simple start-up bakery, they are now diversifying their business.

If you are looking for an authentic Pinoy chicken, BakeRite is the place to go. The taste will transport you back to old Manila days. The chicken and the sauce complement each other. The taste of the chicken is wonderful. It has been a month since they opened and their chicken and liempo are very consistent, in terms of both the size and taste.

$15.00 (about 600php) for the Aroma Chicken would seem expensive if compared to the ones from the grocery stores. Just from Costco, a roasted chicken would cost around $9. Nevertheless, the Aroma Chicken is larger in size, roughly about 2kilograms. The cost is definitely worth it.

BakeRite is situated along Keewatin street. This is the perfect area as majority of the Filipinos in Winnipeg resides there. In Manila, you can definitely find roast chicken in almost every corner of the street. In Winnipeg, you can get one at 1030 Keewatin street. From Downtown, it would probably be a 15-minute drive to have a taste of this great nostalgic-tasting chicken.

BakeRite is definitely one of the best Filipino food joint in town. Aside from chicken and liempo, we just have gotten an exclusive news that they will soon serve Lechon Belly. Yes! Our Pinoy favourite Lechon Belly will be available soon. Can’t wait until they serve rice as well.

During the peak of the holidays, when you call to check for availability and then drive there for 15 minutes, the Aroma Chicken would already be gone. That was how fast the Aroma Chicken sells out. Up to now, they are living up to the hype. For everyone’s information, the Aroma Chicken is on a first come first serve basis so if you are planning to get one, make sure to grab one early.

Filipino Portal Hosts (Zali, Jopay & Jonats) with Owner Emy Adao during launching

If you missed our full coverage during their opening, watch this video: (link)

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