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Registration to Information Session (NB) – A Life Changing Moment


A “big” however, while we decided to pursue NB on the 4th of January 2016, there was no scheduled information session in Manila. It was in July 2015 when they have only one information session in Manila.

Per NBNP guidelines, you will receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) after you submitted your Expression of Interest (EOI) if you have been chosen from the following three (3) conditions: 1) Connection to NB 2) Attended NBNP Information Session in the past 2 years 3) Open Category (IT). During my time the 3rd condition was not yet available.

Well, during this time, I guess Canada dream is still a few months away. I’m guessing during this time that the next information session may be sometime in July 2016 again. A provincial nomination is also what we need to boost our chances. Moreover, if we still wait for a chance until next year, my CRS points will go down again. So we just continued with our current lives and lived by the present.


Registration to Information Session (A Life Changing Moment)

On the 19th of January 2016, a friend called me up asking about Canada application. He said that he needs a provincial nomination in order for him to apply for a PR Visa. He said that there was no province that can give him a chance. I told him to try checking NB’s website from time to time as a new information session schedule may be posted anytime.

Two days later, he texted me and said that there was a new schedule! I never expected this (actually!). The first information sessions were all located in my country. I booked the 2nd day’s session which was held on the 24th of January 2016 (Sunday blessing eh?).

I immediately accessed my laptop and started my registration. During the registration process, there was somehow a screening portion to probably guarantee the NBNP officials that attendees are potential nominees. There were questions such as IELTS, financial capacity (just say yes or no if I remember) and relative in other province (to name a few). I want to highlight the relative in other province in my actual experience. As the principal applicant, I truthfully answered this question by clicking “NO”, as I do not really have an immediate relative in Canada (see NBNP application blog for further details of this case). Once done I submitted my online registration form and got an auto-generated email from NB. This is the information schedule pass or ticket (or proof of registration whichever you like) that you will be presenting once you arrive in the session venue:

I felt somehow happy that I have another chance to pursue our dream to live permanently in Canada. To add cherry on top of the cake, our preferred province: New Brunswick!

The Day of Information Session (24th of January 2016)

It was Sunday early morning when I woke up to print the proof of registration. I honestly didn’t know what else to bring. My wife and I decided to bring our passports, TRF copies (IELTS), WES and Resume (CV). We arrived at the session just 20 minutes away before it started. There were attendees approximately around 80 people. I supposed the companions were also there as my wife was with me too.

There were three (3) representatives of the session: two (2) from NB) and one (1) from CIC. They were actually giving us a warm welcome. The session began with an introduction of express entry program. The next was also an introduction of the province of NB while rest of the session was about the NBNP process. Some quick thoughts that stuck in my mind about the province: the only bilingual (English & French) province, nature-rich place and near-border with Maine, USA. They handed out an EOI form and explain on how to fill it out.

The 3 representatives had a Q&A portion. I really wanted to have a chance to ask so I decided to ask so many questions. It is better to ask directly for them, right? My first question was about proof of funds. Beforehand, the CIC representative told us to provide evidential proof that our funds are really owned by us. A bank certificate coupled with a six-month bank statement is a strong proof as he mentioned. So my question was about my current bank who only provide a 3-month bank statement and does not have any additional information like open date of my bank account. The CIC representative politely answered that I can attach alternative documents such as passbook and previous bank statements, to show that I did not borrow my fund.

Many attendees subsequently asked questions which prompted the NB representatives to limit the number of persons who will ask. I can’t blame them because we already spent more than 35 minutes of Q&A when they tried limiting the questions.

I still had a few questions on my mind so I thought of approaching the representatives after the information session. Fast forward. I approached them after the information session. Firstly, I went straight to the NB representative. My question was about the requirements in submitting and EOI. He said that I should attach the EOI Form, proof of registration, Resume (CV), IELTS and WES Copies. I actually asked him again if all of that should really be submitted. He insisted yes. At the back of my mind, I was thinking of what I’ve read from the forums that the EOI Form and proof of registration is only what are needed. I wanted to follow him because he’s one of the leaders of the program.

Note that everyone forgot to ask while the NB representatives also did not mention during the entire session. It is quite understandable as the attendees kept on asking so many questions in which the representatives always politely answered.

My next follow up question was needed from the CIC representative. I quickly approached him and politely asked on my confusion on police clearance. My wife had an expired police clearance from a Middle Eastern country. She previously worked there and never went back. She even got her police clearance a few months after she left the country permanently. The CIC representative told me there was nothing to worry about as she never went back there again. Thus, I can submit the expired police clearance. I didn’t read the specific CIC guideline on this issue yet during that time. At least, I got a firsthand answer!

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