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Scam Alert: Pinoy Scammer Targets Filipinos in Canada using Charity Foundations

There is a new Charity Scam targeting unsuspecting shoppers at shopping malls and grocery stores. This is currently happening across Canada as there have been reports made in Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta. Now, it has been reported to happen in Manitoba as well.

According to the reports, the modus operandi of the scam is for three women to get people to donate money for a charity called the Children Joy Foundation in the Philippines. The Children Joy Foundation in the Philippines is a legitimate charity. The charity aims to help feed the less fortunate children in the Philippines. However, the scam group collecting donations are not actually affiliated with the charity.

The scam has been verified by Lito Taruc, president of the Philippine Canadian Centre of Manitoba, when he actually met one of the scammers. He got a call from someone who was approached at a Walmart so he went straight to that Walmart to see it for himself. As soon as he parked, the women ran up to him and told him about their spiel. When the women told Taruc their fundraising drive was endorsed by the Philippine Centre, he knew that it was a scam.

Another incident reportedly happened recently at the Kildonan Park Mall, Winnipeg, Canada. Anna, the victim, states that a woman was soliciting money from her inside the mall. She was trying to take a picture of the woman when the woman threatened to take her photo as well. Scared that the woman might actually take a photo of her and use it somewhere, she ran inside the Shoppers Drug Mart. Anna was able to call security on the woman but she managed to escape. She sent us the photo but we decided to keep it for now.

Because of these reports, Taruc encourages everyone to be vigilant to avoid being taken advantage of. He warns everyone to ignore the scammers and stay away from them. If possible, take a photo of them and report them to the authorities right away.

It is sad and disappointing that there are people who will taint the name of a legitimate charity for their own gains. The real charity can actually use the money.

Source: Global News Winnipeg

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