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Scoop: Jollibee Branch Opening Soon in Saskatchewan

The Filipino-favorite fast food chain, Jollibee, is surely trying to live up to their promise of opening 100 stores in Canada within 5 years. Within almost 2 years, they have opened 7 stores with the most recent one that opened its doors in Calgary last month. Before this year ends, we just might be seeing another store opening.
While there are no official announcements about store openings soon, we can simply look at the job openings on the Jollibee Canada website ( and the listings usually indicate new store locations. Just like in the past, we did some digging and we found a job listing for a location that has yet to open. The location is in….Saskatoon! If this is actually true, this will be the first Jollibee in Saskatchewan at Regina-Quance
Check out the job postings here:
With 1 opening soon in Thornhill, Ontario and 1 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, there will soon be 9 Jollibee stores in Canada before their 3-year mark. This is truly exciting for a lot of people, especially for Filipinos. As per our speculations, there might be 2 more stores opening in downtown Toronto as well. Those will be the 10th and 11th stores.
Jollibee’s presence in Canada has been growing fast but some might think that it’s not fast enough for the provinces of Alberta and Quebec as Vancouver and Montreal have yet to have their own Jollibee stores. Don’t fret though because these provinces are definitely in the plans and with how fast they have been at it with the other stores, these provinces will have their own Jollibees soon enough.
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