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A Simple Act of Gratitude Campaign to all Transit Drivers in Canada


To become a Transit Driver in Canada is never easy. A battery of exams and road tests need to be passed before you become a professional bus driver. During their probation period, a series of follow-ups from their supervisors need to be dealt with while on the road driving. Then in their regular run, they have to keep in their minds their main duties for the safety of the passengers, their protection on the road and their role as workers for the city.

According to Amalgamated Transit Union’s (ATU) records, there are numerous attacks on transit drivers that happened for the last 10 years. And recently, the worst one is the sad news about the slain bus driver on the job because of some drunk with criminal record passengers. It is such a dangerous job to carry around people and risk that a crazy one might be in among the crowd. Many hope that the poor driver had insightful legal aid from personal injury attorney jonesboro or someone similar. The driver’s family deserves closure.

Transit Drivers safety is one of the concerns of the ATU for a long time. There are lots of recommendations on measures for their security. Others would imply that there should be more safety equipment in place for them, like a bullet proof glass, special emergency sirens or something. Some say their last stop, especially at nights, should always be at downtown on where there are lots of lights and peers.

But who really cares and understand their situation? The City Officials who are the Transit Drivers’ Bosses are not commuters; for sure they have their own vehicles going to work. They are the ones who make the rules and regulations. They are also the ones in charge in the design and maintenance of the bus. How about some concern politician who will make a campaign for Transit Drivers Safety? Probably, but let them commute for 1 whole day and see the real situation. The sad reality, for now, is Transit Drivers are responsible for their own safety. Whatever the causes of any attacks, they should try to prevent it and the entire City should come up with reliable safety measures.

To all Transit Drivers all over Canada, do not fear because there are some concern citizens who understand your situation. Here are some simple acts of gratitude from commuters who appreciate your job, and we hope that it will boost your morale and ease your workloads:

Two good people (mother and daughter) one Saturday morning thanking random drivers and giving gifts of coffee.


180 kids from Winnipeg Evangelical Free Church (WEFC) make an effort to give them a gift of coffee and granola bars. They also give some greeting of encouragements.

An Acrostic Poem “RESPECT” was written and distributed to Transit Drivers from Luxton School.


And much more…


Let us know further and document it, please share some act of gratitude to Transit Drivers at our Facebook Page. You can comment it or message it to us and we will document it for you. Let this be a campaign and an inspiration for some Organizations/Communities to have “A Simple Act of Gratitude” to all Transit Drivers all over Canada. This might be a way to lighten things up their work on the road.

To all Transit Drivers all over Canada, we pray for your safety and we thank you for doing such a great job. Kudos!




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