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Spotted: Winnipeg’s Mayor visits Jollibee in Canada, Jump Shot with Pinoys


Almost four months in and the first Jollibee in Canada keeps getting more and more customers. Pinoys and Canadians alike are becoming fans of the fast food chain. They all want to try it and some of them end up getting hooked.

In the Philippines, politicians can sometimes be as big as celebrities. However, in Canada, they seem to be a little bit on the low. Nevertheless, it is still a great thing if a Canadian politician visits a Pinoy establishment like Jollibee. It adds up to the Pinoy pride we all get.

You all know that our Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, visited Jollibee. It was not known to all that Mayor Brian Bowman, the first aboriginal mayor of Winnipeg, visited the Pinoy favorite restaurant. He was spotted during the grand opening but was not put into the spotlight like the PM.

Mayor Bowman pictured with the Jollibee crew as he was given access behind the counters.

Photo taken during the grand opening with the famous mascot, Jollibee himself. Mayor Bowman holding a limited edition Jollibee dancing doll.

PhotoCredit: When in YWG
Mayor Bowman caught on photo enjoying his Jolly Spaghetti paired with a cup of Pineapple juice. FYI: The pineapple juice in Jollibee is not refillable unlike the sodas in other fastfood places.

Even before then, Mayor Bowman has always been close to the Pinoy community in Winnipeg. In fact, before the 2014 elections, he visited the Filipino Community Group whom he even had a jump shot photo with.

Jollibee is truly a pride of the Philippines. To get to know more about Pinoys and close to their hearts, you should definitely try the Pinoy favorites at Jollibee. It is somewhat similar to watching Hockey or drinking Tim Hortons Coffee if you want to get to know more about Canadians.

To read Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Jollibee visit, check out this article:


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