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Tax me! I’m Canadian!


It’s tax season once again for Canadians. It’s a blood bath gathering old receipts and other financial documents and having to file it ever-so-neatly. To be honest, working out your taxes is definitely a task that is best left to a qualified accountant. Correspondingly, if you are thinking of outsourcing your accounting responsibilities to a CPA Toronto is home to some fantastic tax accountants and consultants that can help you to get your financial affairs in order. Anyway, are you all excited to start filing for your tax returns? I know I am. I need my money back.

The sad reality is that temporary foreign workers are not Canadians but are nonetheless compelled to pay taxes and other government contributions that they are not absolutely welcome to take part of. It’s a depressing symptom of migration. Foreign workers are made to pay these fees regardless of their temporary status and then receive (barely) the minimum wage for the most repulsive and labor-intensive jobs in the country.

Why are these workers made to pay so much for so little a salary? Why must they pay fees like a Canadian citizen if they came here with the assumption of being only temporary? On hindsight, why are these foreign workers called “temporary” if they are to work here in Canada for four years? Four years of work does not equate to being temporary.

These questions lead to more realizations. Temporary foreign workers along with caregivers are at the receiving end of heavy blows from immigration policies that allow Canadians to pay wages that are 15% less than citizens and permanent residents. To make it worse, the temporary status given to these foreign workers reinforces Canadian employers to exercise unscrupulous labor practices and maintain substandard working conditions knowing that these foreign workers are unlikely to ask for their rights.

Why then should these foreign workers be made to pay fees given their economic and social status in Canada? Is it not immoral to ask for so much from the most underserved people? It seems that Canada is taking advantage of a large pool of willing slaves by making economic advancement fiscally impossible for them. It is unclear to me if this is an effort of Canada to gain revenue but what I see is that migrant workers have struggled and are continuously struggling against an oppressive giant. We must begin talking about this now because there is obviously a dire need to change this system.

In solidarity,

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